Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back from Margaret River.....

I had a great time in Margaret River!! Lots of bush walking and playing in the bush with my little cousin Jacky-boy!!!! Daddy used a really loud, loud thing (I think it's called a chainsaw!!) and he chopped up lots of wood for Aunt Valerie and Uncle John. Uncle Carl did lots of work as well and Jack and I helped. Mostly I helped because Jack is a bit little and he can only just walk so he had to concentrate on that and he certainly fell down a lot!!!! Grandpa helped a lot as well but then the football game came on and everyone watched the "Mighty Eagles" win a great game.
The photo's above are of Daddy chopping the tree, Aunty Em and Uncle Carl taking Jack and I for a ride in the wheelbarow, everybosy sitting out watching the football and Jack and I helping daddy and Carl with the wood!
Mummy and daddy also took me to the beach and we watched really huge waves and lots of surfers. The waves were soooooooo big. The biggest I have ever seen!!!!! Then we made a fire outside in the afternoon and we melted marshmallows on sticks and they were very yummy. Jack had one and he got it all over his face and he looked so funny.
So it was lots and lots of fun all weekend and Mummy is happy because she had a nice rest as there were lots of people to keep me entertained and occupied!
Love Sophie

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