Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conversations with Sophie

Extract from actual conversation held between Sophie and Daddy whilst making homemade pizza last Friday night as Mummy was getting ready to go to dinner and the movies with her friends......

Sophie: Daddy, what is Mummy doing in the bathroom???
Daddy: She is getting dressed.
Sophie: Is she getting dressed in jamies??????
Daddy: No, she is going out tonight with her friends
Sophie: Oh, but why is Mummy going out with her friends??
Daddy: Because sometimes Mummy's need a break from kids...and Daddy's.
Sophie: Daddy do you think that Mummy's friends will say to her...."Oooooohhhhh, you look nice" (said in a very dramatic voice)
Daddy: Laughing a lot.....I think they might.
Sophie: What movie is Mummy going to see
Daddy: I dont know, something about a man and a woman
Sophie: Phwoa, hmpf, sounds RIDICULOUS!!!
Daddy: yeah, probably will be
Sophie: I don't want to see that movie.

Moments later as Mummy says goodbye........
Sophie: Now Mummy you will be in your bed in the morning when I wake up won't you!!!

Editors note: Movie was "The Break Up" and yes......kind of ridiculous but SO good to go out for the night!!!

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