Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Mummy and Daddy told me today that I have been a really good girl lately. What do they mean ...lately??? I think I have been one my whole life!! Also, they are very impressed with the amount of words I can say now! Soon I will be talking just as much as them...(although, I am not sure how I will get a word in!!) Yesterday Mummy and I went to buy groceries and usually after sitting in the trolley for 2 minutes I feel like climbing out, but yesterday I was quite happy sitting and watching all the action that was taking place in our local supermarket and there were lots of little people like me to stare at as well. Anyway, when we finished shopping and were waiting at the place where mummy hands daddy's hard earned money, I looked at mummy and said..."Good girl"!!!! I said that because I had sat in the trolley the whole time without mummy having to make me sit down a hundred times and I knew that that was very good but maybe mummy had forgot to tell I reminded her!!!
We went to the beach yesterday as it was the hottest day I have ever experienced in my whole life...(I think), it was 42 degrees which is very very hot. We stayed at the beach until 6.15pm which is the time I usually have had my bath by and am almost ready for bed and even when we came home I swam in my pool a bit as well. It was great fun at the beach and mummy made me lots f sand castles but I kept knocking them over. I went to bed a little bit later but it was still hard to fall alseep even with my fan on me.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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