Tuesday, November 25, 2003

My house is very quiet again as Mummy and Daddy's friends have gone back to Canada. Sasha and I are very sad as we really loved all the extra attention, but one good thing is that Mummy can go back to typing my diary for me as shesaid she can now get access to the computer again. I have so much to say I hardly know where to start and it is also very hard for me to remember everything I have been doing as I am only almost 13 months old........
Yesterday I had to have my immunisation needles and I cried really, really loudly...but not for very long. Mummy said I was a very good girl and then that made me clap hands, and the nurse laughed at me. I always clap hands if someone says I am a good girl!!!!! I heard the nurse tell Mummy I have to go back in a month for more needles, I hope that that is a really long time away!!!
I have been playing a lot in my pool that I got for my birthday. It is my favourite thing to do at the moment. I just love to get in the water. Sometimes I go in the bigger pool but only with Mummy or Daddy and that makes me giggle a lot. I have also been to the beach a few times and had so much fun running on the sand and in the water. I can also understand a lot more things now that I am one.......like, when I am shopping with Mummy or Daddy, I always point out the bananas for them.....I say, "Nanas, nanas, nanas", until they get some and put them in the trolley. Once I tried to trick them and when we went past the tomatoes, I said "Nanas, Nanas", but they were a bit too clever as they knew they weren't bananas. My Mummy and Daddy are so smart!!
Today I am going to do some shopping with Mummy, I can't wait. I love to sit in the trolley and watch everything. I especially love to look at all the other little people like me.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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