Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Room Service....

My friend Ella had a sleep over last Friday night and in the morning we made cubbies in the garage, we were so busy playing that we forgot we hadn't eaten breakfast. WE asked Mummy if we could eat breakfast in our "garage cubby" and she made us the best breaky ever....she even put a flower on our tray and some chocolate hearts. Ella ordered bacon and eggs and Luc and I had cheerios and toast and bacon...it was so much fun. We especially liked our strawberry garnish on our juice as well!!! I told Mummy it was cool, just like as if it were "Kids day", you know like Mothers Day when you get breakfast in bed!!! Then I remembered that Mummy doesn't actually get breakfast in bed even on Mothers Day and Mummy also pointed out that it is more like "Kids day" everyday.

When we finished we packed up the tray and rang a bell for Mummy to collect it......she said her shift was over and the kitchen is now closed and we had to clean up ourselves and do the dishes!!!
Sophie x
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