Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2011 - First day of school

Well, it's that time of the year again...back to school time!! This year I am going to be in Year 3 and Luc is going to start Kindergarten. He is so lucky he only goes 2 days a week...I go 5 whole days! This year my teacher is called Mrs O'Reilly and last year when I heard the kids call her ..."Mrs OReilly Never Smiley"!!!! Mummy said I must of heard wrong and they were calling her "Mrs O'Reilly Always Smiley"!!!! 

Luc sure was excited about his first day of Kindy.

Mummy said when she picked Luc up she asked him if he had made any new friends..... he said...."First of all, you can't MAKE friends, it's not like how you make dinner, you just GET friends and I
did get some new t shirt boy, yellow hair boy, red shirt boy and the boy with the Ben Ten drink bottle I like to!!! I thought it so funny that he didnt know any of their names...until Mummy reminded me I did a similar thing on my first day of kindy!!!!
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