Monday, February 14, 2011

cubby house at Rottnest....

When we were at Rottnest for our holiday, Luc and I became friendly with 2 girls that were staying across from us.  We had peeked through the curtains and watched them playing from afar for about 4 days (we are a little shy) before they finally came over to see if we wanted to play with them.  Actually they came to borrow a ball....but anyway THEN they asked us to play.  They were so much fun, Ruby was 9 years old  (almost 10) and Poppy was 12 and very handy for me, their Daddy was a fact he was Dr Phil and I stubbed my toe badly and he fixed it all up....very professional like!!!   (he even soaked it in antiseptic first....!)

Luc and I just loved playing with Ruby and Poppy and they also had 3 boys come to vist them and play as well...hmm, they were ok, kind of annoying, a bit like Luc sometimes....
 Their daddy said they could make a cubby in the trees outside using the blankets.  It was was so much fun...we called it "Candy Club House" and when we were allowed to go to the  General Store we would buy lollies and go back and share them in our Candy Club House.  Boys riding by on bikes kept coming to talk to Poppy, they were annoying, I dont know why they kept coming over to ask her name about 20 times......Even daddy was interested in them, kept asking what they want and what are they doing and staring at them....Poppy kept telling them her name was "Michael Jackson" and we would all laugh.....I laughed cos they laughed and so did Luc, even though its not really THAT funny!
One night we played in our cubby till 9.30pm before we had to go to bed BUT guess what, Poppy and Ruby were allowed to sleep in there all night!!!!  Wow, they are soooo brave.  I would be worried about quokkas nibbling on my toes!

They slept in there for 2 brave..
It was fun making new friends on holiday and since we have been home we email each other.....

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