Monday, June 30, 2008

Where does the time go???

Well, so sorry for the delay in updates here at "sophieland and luc's world"!!! We have been busy little people just doing the kid thing and next thing you know weeks have passed!!!!

Daddy came home from Canada.....yeeha! In fact we did something really crazy and got up in the middle of the night and drove to the airport to meet him!!! Was ok for Luc as he is usually up in the middle of the night but for me it was a real adventure!!! Daddy was so surprised we were there that he almost walked straight past us and then he was so happy to see us. By the time I opened all my presents (and Luc's as he went back to bed) was almost 1am.(thank you to all my lovely Canadian relatives :-) I am glad Daddy is home again.

I have been to lots of birthday parties lately and am busy planning my next birthday party which Mummy so kindly often points is still months away...(Late October!!)!!! Well, it's good to be organised I always say, so much so, I have even organised my outfit!!!! Mummy says I should try not to wish my life away...(whatever that means!) That's what I do, I'm a kid we always look forward to birthdays and christmas...every kid I know does it, not just me!!!

I have school holidays next week for 14 whole days. Yippee! It's been a bit cold here lately so it's not beach weather that's for sure! I am sure we will do some fun stuff.

Back soon
Love Sophie
(age 5 and 3/4's!!!)

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