Monday, April 28, 2008

My cousin Jack turn's 3 years old!!!!

You know I love my parties...(just like Daddy). My cousin Jack hit the big 3 years old a week or so ago and he had a party at his house. It was the best fun. I just love birthday parties , or any parties for that matter. Aunty Em made a great "race car track, number 3 cake"!!!!! She was very, very clever, look out Mummy there is some competition in the cake making stakes!!!!!!
Here we all are playing a game called..."pass the parcel"!

Luc had a good time as well....even if Mummy does think he is "hard work" at times!!!!! here is a picture of Luc, he got caught pinching a biscuit off the table AND then running to a place he wouldn't get caught.......hmmm, looks like you got caught to prove it and all! (by the way....doesn't matter how cute you are now doing stuff like this....sooner or later you start to get in trouble for it...anyway, just a warning from your big sis that's all!!!!)

Jack loved his cake! Of course Iam right beside him to help him with blowing out the candles...all 3 of them!!!!
It was a great day and as Mummy says........"I just can't believe he is 3 already!!!

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