Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back from Rottnest Island

We had the best fun ever on holiday in Rottnest. It was so good I asked Mummy if we could make it our house and stay forever!!! We had our own little unit and our friends had their own close by and I was able to ride my bike to their houses all the time by myself!!!!! We went to the beach everyday, mostly to "The Basin" or "Pinkies" beach but one day we caught the bus to "Salmon Bay" which was a beautiful beach.

Unfortunately Luc really didn't like the bus and had what Mummy and Daddy call....."an expression session", otherwise known as a "massive toddler tantrum". Mummy sure was getting "the look" especially as the bus was full of American tourists. I guess those American babies don't behave like my little brother because they were giving mummy the "what is up with that baby look". Yep, he was pretty crazy on the bus as he has never been on a bus before. The bus ride took 12 minutes although Mummy told Daddy later (as he wasn't on the bus) that is felt like hours!!!!!!! We were with lots of our friends so when it was time to go back Mummy decided she wasn't risking the tantrum again and she walked all the way back and it took her 1.5 hours. I came back on the bus with our friends and I LOVED it, I have no idea what Luc's problem was.....probably the usual though...(Tired) Mummy didn't mind because Luc had a great sleep in the pram walking back and there were lots of nice beaches to look at along the way.

Here are some photos......
Hanging out outside our unit.

Ella, Luc and I playing with the "quokkas". Rottnest Island is the only place in the whole world that has quokkas. They are a cross between a kangaroo and a possum I think.....they are very cute and they come out at night and hop everywhere.

Daddy having a relaxing time at the beach watching Luc and I playing....

Me on my bike going so fast I am almost blurry!!!! Luc trying hard again to be a big boy and putting Dad's bike helmet on.

Playing at "The Basin"

Luc thinking he is a "cool dude" in his sunnies.
Ella and I......
All of us kids playing on the tennis courts....

Luc climbing everything....(again). Doing his "flamingo impersonation" !!!!!
So it's back to school again for another week and then guess what.....I am on school holidays for 2 weeks.....yippeee, more fun!

Love Sophie

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