Friday, August 18, 2006

Bonjour, Playing dress ups is my very favourite thing to do at the moment!!! When we are at home I am usually dressed in dress up clothes, from being a fairy princess to dressing like a "lady" in old red high heeled shoes of Nanny's and her old dresses. Of course they are way too big for me but that's OK.

Here I am pictured in a pink dress (did I mention pink is my favourite colour!!) and I am making a wish on Mummy's belly for the baby to come out soon!!!!!! (actually, I am secretly still wishing for a baby girl and that Mummy and Daddy will call her "Luna" or "Angel" !!! I just can't wait for the baby to come out. Today it was moving a lot and I put my hands on it and it kicks them off, it's so funny our baby! Mummy said we still have to wait 6 more weeks.......that's forever!

Last night Angus and Molly had a sleep over at our house and Angus and I pretended we were "superhero's" all night. We had sheets tied around our necks to make capes and we saved a lot of people from burning houses and we rescued kittens from trees....we were pretty busy all night! It's hard work being "Super Sophie"!!!!

Bye bye
Love Sophie

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