Thursday, November 14, 2013

Growing up....

These girls have been friends for 6 years.... So cute to watch them all grow up but still be buddies.... We went camping to Dongara for a week with all of them and their families... Was a great time!

Is it just me or does Sophie all of a sudden look about 14.... Yikes! Such a sweet, kind, caring girl! Xx

Birthday breakfast for Sophie

Happy 11th birthday Sophie

Hard to believe yet Sophie turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago!!!  Where did those years go!!  She was soooooo excited for her 11th birthday and her disco party with friends.  Once again she told me at the end of the day..."this was my best birthday ever"....yep, she says it every year!  So cute!

So there was lots of music, games were played, dance offs and an "Ocean Reef's got talent" competition...lots of fun and also very loud!!  The rainbow cake i made was a big hit and also quite easy...the kids loved it!

 Dancing and more dancing...friends having fun!

Sadie the wonder puppy getting some love from the party guests as well.....

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Sophie and Luc's first time trick or treating!!! They LOVED it! We love our new neighbourhood! We had a few friends come over and we all went together. We just walked a couple of streets and only went to the house that seemed
Welcoming, some had Halloween decorations put the front, balloons etc.... The kids all received a few chocolates and lollies! Lots of fun! When we got home we had a few trick treaters come to visit us.... The kids loved it just as much!!