Thursday, August 04, 2011

Beautiful Bali....

We are back from a great time in Bali.  We all loved it.  It was very warm but not too hot.  We could go swimming everyday.  The hotel had  a huge waterslide.  We had the best room in the whole hotel.  We went with lots of friends so there was always someone to play with.  I loved having my hair braided and my nails done.

OK, maybe not so happy was taking soooooooooooooooo long and I wanted to get in the pool!!

woohoo...the waterslide was so fun!

Alice and I

Luc...wondering why he gets water in his googles.....they were not on properly!!
Dad and his mini-me

Me and Dad's mini-me (ha ha)

LOVE my braids

Luc got a new Spongebob Squarepants hat

Balinese dinner and dancers, we all sat and watched
that's us in the front row...

Do you know any Justin Beiber songs????

The dancers made Daddy get up and dance...Bali style!

I have no idea who the kid is with his arm around Luc.....I think he likes him!!

Alice and I

Being silly..

Mummy and Trish (Alice's mummy)...they have been friends since they were very very about 100 years ago or something!!

Luc needed a hug

not sure what Luc is thinking...but he does look kind of cute!

Gracie (Alice's little sister) and I Luc chilling on the pool beds!

Pool area...
Mummy and Luc..

I think you know who these people are...

Daddy and I ...relaxed!

Pool and swim up bar where I was allowed to get a Mango slushy drink!

Little fish eating my skin and making my feet all soft....very tickly!

I took this phot of these pretty frangiapanis

W visited a Balinese school and met some of the school kids

I took my braids out and my hair was all frizzy!

another mango slushy!!

Love this idea....need a mango slushy or some chicken nuggets...raise the flag!

Luc had a nap....which lasted 3.5 hours!!

Luc bungy jumping at Waterbom park...he wanted to go higher!
kids area at Waterbom park

Alice and Gracie, Luc and I outside the rooms

Got my hair re braided on the last day

Mummy was trying to get us to march the crosswalk....something about copying a "Beatles album cover"....don't know what she is on about and no one was co operating anyway...except me of course!

lots more photos to see so check back later.....

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