Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4 day Holiday in the beautiful south west....

In early June we travelled 5 hours down to Denmark for a 4 day holiday. We stayed in the best house ever. Two story with a huge fireplace and lots of stairs for us kids to run up and down all day long. We went with Andy, Laura, Natalie and Lexie and we had the best time ever......

Here is Luc...right after he asked for the 18th time..."are we nearly there"...which started 10 mins into the journey.!!!When Mummy told him if he asked that one more time then Daddy would stop the car and Luc would have to walk there!!! So he then rephrased it to...."are we almost there" are we soon there" was a long 5 hours!! Luckily for me I had my trusty book of "Stories for 7 year olds" with me!!

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at the Alpaca farm...patting the koala

feeding the alpaca's

cute sheep...

Luc not so sure...Sophie wanting to take them all home to be her pets!
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Inside the house

there was a piano...

Lexie and Luc making beautiful music..(insert sarcasm here)

7am, fire already blazing (thanks to Denis and wood chopping skills!)
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Canoeing the Frankland River, Nornalup

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Having fun with the leaves in towntown Denmark

Hotdogs for lunch..
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A warm winters day...not really that warm but if you are 3, clothes are not neccessary when playing at the beach...

Cute boy in the reeds...loving the sand dunes...

Conspicuous Beach, Walpole....
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Little boy in the big woods......

Kids loving the bush walking....

Luc, Natalie, Sophie and Lexi inside a gian Tingle tree

Car driven through Tingle tree...
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roaming the paddocks looking for lambs.....(nice Thomas the Tank undies Luc!!!)

Andy, Sophie and Natalie....

Denis is happy he can chop wood and wouold of quite happily chopped the whole pile if we had of let him!!

Andy and Denis and ncie cold beers, admiring the view and relaxing
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Yay...fresh air and wide open spaces and sheep and lambs....Luc is VERY Happy!!!

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A rainy day in Denmark....finally Luc is happy to wear his rain coat and use his umbrella....

Ocean Beach, Denmark

Sophie...not keen on the cold wind and definately not keen on a swim....hmmm smart girl!
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Beautiful stone/wood house we rented for our 4 day holiday in Denmark, south western Australia

Sophie and Natalie found a sheeps skull and found it truly fascinating....exploring in the paddock!

Luc and Lexi finding something very interesting....probably sheep poo!!!
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