Thursday, December 23, 2010

school christmas concert you like my hair.  It was crazy hair day at school!!

Here I am at my school concert. We sang a song about Jesus being born. I was in the front row and I am wearing a red dress with love hearts on it, my white leggings and a white cardigan. It took me hours to think about and finalise this outfit complete with silver sparkly shoes and I pondered for days on how I was to wear my hair!! Yes I even lost sleep over it. I admit it is not the first time I have been standing next to my mum's bed at 3am and soon as her eyes spring open (I'm not sure my mum actually sleeps , it's like she just lies there with her eyes closed) anyhow, soon as she opens them I tell her how I want to wear my hair the next day or sometimes I ask her if she has washed my favourite shorts!!!! Then I go back to bed. Mummy is not always appreciative of this...I like to be organised!!

The concert was great. We did it on the school oval and all the families had a picnic dinner beforehand. In the picture above you can see Luc and my cousin Sari, they apparantly kept everyone entertained around them by singing along and doing the actions as were happening on the stage. Yes, once again they make it all about them and less about me and my perfectly put together outfit!!!
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