Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mummy and I made a trip to IKEA last Saturday to get some things to make my room a bit more like a 7 year old lives there and not a 3 year old....not that it was "babyish". it's just that it hadn't changed since I was 3!!! Nanny and Grandpa let me have the desk that Mummy and Aunty Emily used when they were in high school...(far out, can you imagine how OLD it is!!!!) Actually it is pretty cool, I love it, wonky drawers and all!!

So before pics...note the "friends" stuffed toys that sleep in a hammock above my bed...time to go, sorry friends, new homes for most of you. Cousins Sari and Havana I am sure can love you like I did!!!

After.....see if you can spot the differences....

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So I have been keeping my room very clean, (part of the conditions on the make over!!), I love painting at my desk and listening to Hannah Montana..... the shelf above my desk, daddy put up there with 2 very loud drills...(Luc's favourite bit!)and a minimum of bad words!! I still have my Strawberry Shortcake stickers Memere gave me when I was in Canada before I was 2. I love my pink mats and pink chair. Oh yeah, most of all, I LOVE my mirror!!!!! Checking out what I look like it very important to me!!!

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Anonymous said...

WE love the new look room Sophie! can't wait to see it live. love aunty Jane and Havana xxxxxxxx