Friday, February 29, 2008

17 months old today!!!

Hard to believe I am 17 months old. Considering I have spent the majority of my life awake it seems I should be a lot older. I know Mummy feels older...she tells me all the time.....Luc, you are ageing me!!!!! She is kind of joking I think but I am not really sure. I am a pretty busy little boy, I don't like to keep still too often, too much to see and do that's for sure. I am almost half way through my second year of life and there are some things I already know for sure...........

1. I have the biggest and best shiny brown eyes in the whole world. I know this because I get told ALL the time!!!

2. I am not Lebanese, Egyptian, Italian, Indigenous, Mexican, Greek or Muslim. This I definately know for sure because Mummy gets asked constantly if she is from any of these places because apparently I look like I SHOULD be from one of these places. I am a French Canadian Acadian Australian or as daddy likes to call me ..... "an AUScadien"!!!!!

3. I love the song "Highway to Hell, by ACDC"......especially when the drums kick in. I am a pretty good dancer as well.

3. I LOVE scrambled eggs for breakfast....or lunch or dinner, anytime of day really! Especially if Daddy has made them. and off his plate they taste even better.

4. I'm pretty much Mummy's boy unlesss of course Daddy is around and them I am his little shadow following him everywhere.

5. I can say, Mama, dadeee, Sasha, trees, ball, no (I am really good at no.... I hear it offen enough!!!) I can repeat a lot of other words I hear as well like....."Spongebob Squarepants" and "Aye aye captain" .

6. Playing in general is the best fun ever. Getting into things I shouldn't is also really fun. I want to do whatever Sophie is doing. Most of the time I do what I like and that makes her sad by not following her"rules".......this is me in her cardboard cubby....see she's not all that happy here because I am probably standing on her favourite dolly!!!!

7. I love to go grocery shopping.
I get to pick an apple out of the fruit section and then spend the rest of the shopping trip throwing my apple on the floor so Mummy can pick it up each time. It is the best game ever. She's not really into the game though but she will do ANYTHING sometimes to keep me happy. See she has all these tricks to keep me happy in the trolley because the minute I want out, well, the whole store hears about it and Mummy then gets......"the look". Sometimes I get let out but then I usually run off and in the opposite direction to which I am supposed to be heading and then Mummy gets more of ....."the look" usually followed closely behind with the ...." he's so dark and his eyes so brown......where are you from question" (refer to point 1 above!)!!!!!!

8. I love the beach, the sand the water and everything about it. It's all good, which is a good thing as we seem to go there a lot. I walk straight out into the waves and don't care when they knock me over. Eating sand is fun no matter what a grown up tries ot tell you!!!!!!!

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