Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas....how it came and went so fast!

(above)Christmas morning..........

Luc getting the hang of the Christmas stocking....surprises inside...

Cousins:- Sari, Jack, me, Cisco and Luc

I had the best Christmas. It was so much fun. Santa bought me a scooter AND a camera (kids camera), it takes real photos and everything and then you can put them on the computer...so watch out, soon you will be getting shown lots of the photos I take. I love my scooter as well. I was so pleased as I really, really wanted the scooter. Luc got a toy aeroplane and a few other toys. It was a very very hot day and we even had to eat our lunch at Nanny and Grandpa's inside the house. Not that I ate any lunch, I filled up on too much chocolate before we had lunch.....but you know what, when it is Christmas day, it doesn't matter if you eat too much chocolate!!!! After lunch we came home and Daddy had to drive to the airport to pick up our friends, "The Danes Family". They were coming to stay for 2 weeks. We spent the afternoon after they arrived swimming in the next door neighbours pool...(the neighbours went away for 6 weeks and kindly let us use their pool whenever we want!)

After dinner we played on the lawn and ate ice cream cones.....the best day ever. Poor Sasha didn't get a cone but she hung around anyway....(I think she knew Luc was sure to drop his!!!!)

The Danes kids.....Jaydan, Keira and Tyler

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