Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Well, once again Mummy does not understand where the time goes as she says that everytime she updates my diary for me and realises it has been a while since my last entry!!!! Mummy said that before we know it, we will be in Canada visiting all my Canadian realtives. We are going to go a big huge aeroplane, just like the ones I have seen Daddy come from. I am so excited as Mummy and Daddy tell me that I am probably going to be getting very spoilt with lots of attention and I just love attention. Mummy and Daddy have been showing me the photos of all my relatives and I have been practising to say their names. So far I am not very good at any of them although I do know how to say "Della" as that is close to my bestest friend in the whole worlds name as her name is Ella!!!!
Have I told you how much I love the movie "Finding Nemo". It is the only thing I like to watch on the television and I could watch it over and over again if I had my way....which I try very hard at getting all the time!!!! I also have a book about Nemo and Mummy reads it to me as well and I love it so much.
I have a cold at the moment and a very runny nose but I am very good at wiping my own nose as I am getting to be so big now. I can also eat soup from a spoon all by myself and I hardly spill any.
Today Ella is coming over to play and Mummy said we might do some finger pianting but she's not sure because the last time we did fnger painting, I was trying to eat the paint and Mummy said that was not a very clever thing to do and that, besides it tastes yucky. She said I was very lucky that it was child proof paint so therefore I won't get sick but it is still a silly thing to do. Oh well, Mummy's and Daddy's are alsways so right, aren't they!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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