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I am writing this entry, mostly to record the "memory" of Sophie's hospital experience, but also to share with any family or friends that read along.......

Almost 3 weeks ago now, Sophie mentioned she had a sore ankle even thought she had done nothing to it to make it sore. The next day it hurt a bit more. The following day it became so painful that walking and weight bearing on it was very painful. I took her to the doctor. Yet as she hadn't fallen on it, hurt it, he was a bit unsure what to do with her. He sent us to the Emergency Department at the hospital to get an XRay.  We waited for 2 hours before we were finally seen to and in this time of waiting Sophie became feverish with a 39.7 degree temperature. A urine test was done and elevated blood cells and blood was detected.... The Doctors said she probably had a bladder infection and the ankle may have been sore from her completing the school lapathon ( a fundraising running event!) Sophie was also given Panadol and Nurofen so once that kicked in, her ankle felt much better. We were sent home. The next 3 days Sophie spent on the couch with regular doses of nurofen until finally her fever broke. Though her ankle hurt worse than ever, the pain would wake her in the night once the pain killer had worn off. We went back to the Doctor on Saturday, 4 days after her ankle first hurt. Her fever had gone and once again the Doctor was not sure what the matter was. Her ankle was not swollen or red, so diagnosis was hard. Sent home again and instructed to keep up with the painkillers. By Sunday evening the pain in the ankle seemed to be worse so Monday  morning we were back at the Doctors surgery..... This time the Doctor we saw wanted to send us back to the Emergency Department to rule out " septic arthritis". It was Monday morning at 10am. Did you know that the Emergency Department at Joondalup hospital is the busiest department in the  Southern Hemisphere????? Well, neither did I but we were about to find out!! Also, in general people are sicker and have way more emergency's on a Monday! So.... 3 hours later we were finally seen by a lovely doctor. Again, he was scratching his head on what he thought was the matter. Sophie was sent for an X ray and this just showed a bit of fluid around the ankle. Then she had blood tests... These indicated an infection somewhere in her body.... Probably in her ankle, hopefully only in the surrounding tissue and not in the bone!!😱 9 hours later and after an Orthopedic Specialist had seen Sophie, the decision was made to admit her into hospital and place her on IV antibiotic drip and to treat her for a bone infection. The doctors would not know more until she had an MRI.
Sophie waiting in the emergency department. We missed lunch.... Chocolate bar to the rescue!!
Waiting, waiting , waiting in emergency...
Daddy and Luc had arrived by then and brought Sophie's iPad to kill the time. Daddy also bought Subway for dinner.... Yay Daddy!!
Day 1: After her first night in hospital....not a happy Sophie. After finally getting to bed at 11pm, she was woken at 12 am for pain relief, then at 1.30 am for the IV to be changed then at 3 am for temperature check... Her sweet little sad/ tired face says it all!!! Luckily I was able to sleep next to her in the hospital ( and yes I was woken then too!!) We felt jet lagged like we had just flown to Canada!
First night in hospital... 11 pm! After 10 hours in Emergency...
Day 2:  A bit more cheery. Some of Sophie's  friends have visited and they bought some lovely gifts for her. Still waiting to have the MRI.
Day 3: Sleeping... Trying to get sleep before the nurses wake her throughout the night. The MRI was this afternoon..... Waiting on the results and now praying it won't be a more sinister outcome other than the bone infection.... Doctors still unsure😩😩
Day 4:  diagnosis of Osteomyelitis (infection inside the bone). Daddy explaining the MRI report to Sophie while she was free from the IV drip for an hour or so. Lots of visitors, Nanny and Grandpa, Dan And Michelle, Lots of school friends Aunty Jane.....
Luc and his friend Alvin visiting Sophie
Day 5: Friday night selfies, bored in hospital and tired
Day 6: we had to move rooms into a 4 bed shared room. Unfortunately for us, at 1 am a toddler with a respiratory infection arrived and proceeded to scream till 5.39am....poor baby! Poor us!! No sleep that night!!
Libby and Sofie ( looking sad) came to visit and keep Sophie company....
Day 7: Jayde came to play cards and I went went home to cook Tortellini for dinner and steak.... Hospital food is wwwwwww!! Luckily we only live 10 minutes aways from the hospital.
Day 8: Saturday night, me and my girl having a UNO battle and eating m and m's!!!!  Hoping no screaming babies arrive tonight!!
Got the room
Back to ourselves!!!
Daddy and Luc visiting
Our home for the week...
Sophie didn't have much of an appetite but after 3 days of intense antibiotics she felt a little better. I kept saying I will make you or bring you anything you feel like eating!  At 3 am one morning, after the nurses had been in to check her temperature she turned to me and said...." I know what I want to eat.... Salt n pepper squid"!!!!! Think I replied with..." Go back to sleep"!!!! 😴The next morning she mentioned it again and I told one of the nurses about Sophie's craving and she suggested for lunch we could put her in a wheel chair and go for a walk to a little Asian restaurant nearby that sells " the best" salt n pepper squid!!!! We were very excited about this as you can see......
Woohoooo.... Freedom!!! Emily, Sari and Kai    visited and the Doctor came in and said we could go home!!  Sophie is now on 6 weeks of antibiotics and has to rest for at least 10 days at home....
Freedom.......  Sophie is now doing well and we have been home for 1 week.... She had more blood tests today, has more on Friday and an x ray then an appointment with an Orthopedic specialist doctor next week. Sophie received so much attention from all her lovely family and friends, and we thank everyone for the well wishes, gifts and visits.  Xxxxx😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Allowed out for lunch on a crisp cool and sunny Winter's day.

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Noel Bourke said...

Yes, a very trying time for Sophie and all of us. We are so glad that bone infections can be treated with antibiotics. It could have been something much more sinister.
Keep getting better Sophie and Thank you Sarah for this excellent account of a very traumatic time.
Love from Grandpa and Nanny.