Tuesday, September 25, 2012

what have we been doing?

Luc constructing his "mountain" in the bath!  Consisting of bubbles!
 Not a lot going on around here.  Spring has sprung and we have had some beautiful spring like days yet some random cold and rainy days thrown in as well in the past few weeks.  As of this Friday the kids have 2 weeks school holidays...yay!...we are all looking forward to a couple of weeks of no school!
Strategically placed hand censoring!

A bit of before school hair styling on dolls!

Sophie becoming quite the stylist!

3rd last day of being 5 years old!

SO excited for his upcoming birthday!!

So as you can see....not much going on around here.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sports Day

Luc waiting for the "tug of war" to start
Last Friday was Sports day at Sophie and Luc's school. Although the dun was out, there seemed to be an "Arctic" breeze blowing...and was quite a cold day.  Although we have just had  a lovely weekend weather wise and yesterday the temperature reached 29 degrees...Spring is here for sure and also a taste of summer!
Luc's team

Puuuuuuulllllll........Luc 3rd from the left.

Luc, (3rd from the right) giving it his all!

Smily faced boy!

Luc - 3rd from the left

Luc came 3rd in the 50m running race.  His best buddy Adrian (3rd from the right) came first and Luc was very happy for him.  Afterwards he said....."Mum, I could of run much faster but I was busy watching Adrian and plus I think last week I spended all my energy"!!! Too cute!

Sophie's turn...50m hurdles.... (apologies for the poor photo's...spectator's couldn't get too close!)

FIRST PLACE goes to Sophie!!

After Luc's pre Primary races and games he was allowed to have the rest of the day off.  Give those feet a rest!

The "cheering squad"....It was a nice day but the wind was so so so cold!  We had a picnic lunch before the afternoon "sprints" started.

100 metre sprints...Sophie in the left lane.

almost there ....

crossing the finish line...

2nd place for Sophie 

proud of herself..... (lots of mum's in the background!)

getting her 2nd place ribbon!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sadie and Luc

SO funny...Luc put the blanket on himself and "faked" sleeping while Sadie the wonder dog went and lay right next to him!

Sadie, soon got bored with lying still and tried to get some attention!

OK, now he's really asleep and Sadie is just waiting patiently for him to wake up!! ha ha, those eyes!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Star Wars...in the house!

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning.....a trooper is in the house!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mr Tickle and Puss in Boots

It was Book week at school last week and on Friday the kids were allowed to dress up as a character from a book.  Introducing Mr Tickle and Puss in Boots.  

Here is Luc's Pre Primary class getting ready to go to the "book week parade".  His teacher, the lovely Mrs Lord dressed up as Cinderella (before the Ball!)

waiting in line with a Mr Strong and a pirate!

Even the Kindergarten class get's involved, here is cousin Sari dressed as a mermaid.

How exciting....Luc won the first prize for the best dressed in pre Primary...(which really is a prize for me, seeing as I actually co ordinated his outfit!!)  He won a new book...yippee!

If you look closely you can see "Puss in Boots" as her class parades in front of the rest of the students!