Saturday, November 17, 2012

Double Digits!!!


Special Birthday breakfast, pancake, strawberries, chocolate sauce and sprinkles!!!

Yummy!....creepy "Furby" birthday present eyeing the pancake like it is going to eat it...(far right)

After school......cousins came over and Nanny and Grandpa.....present opening.

a close up!

Ice cream cake was the request this year......Havana finding something hilarious by the looks of it!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday dear Sophie.....

Happy Birthday to you...

Hip Hip Hooray!

Eating more ice cream with Dad on the couch after dinner!

On the weekend after Sophie's birthday we took her and 4 of her "besties" bowling!
Sofie,Indy,Libby and Jayde....oh and lil bro and his alien "photo bombing" in the background!

no "lil bro" in this photo but alas I see the alien makes the shot!

Indy's bowl...

Luc having a go....
The lights were dimmed and music videos were played...yay...sadness though as "One Direction and Justin Bieber" did not get played!!
Bowling fun!
Later......back at our house for play time and birthday cake number 2!!  This one was from "Wendy's".  Cookies and Cream on the bottom and a selection of flavours on top!

More singing, more Happy Birthday's to Sophie....

More blowing out candles.....

Some chaos afterwards with 5 little girls and one little boy all yelling out which flavour they wanted...aaaaargh..... SO I ditched the bowls and handed out spoons and let them just "go for it"!!

Silence and Mmmmm's followed and a few......"This is the best cake ever's" were muttered!

Still smiling..... Luc at the end of the day even after 5 girls had been in the house.....(ok, maybe that's a slightly fake smile!! )  Don't worry buddy, as Daddy said to you, in about 8 yrs time you will really like having Sophie's friends over!!

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