Monday, May 28, 2012

Luc...@5 and a half years old!

He is to cute!
 Luc says the funniest things and as I sit here right now of course I am finding it hard to remember them all and am wishing I had written them down as he says them!!  Mostly he just gets his words mixed up and then when we question him on what he is saying he gets frustrated that we have no idea what he is talking about......some of his classics...

He always asks to watch the movie..."Alex in the Wonderful Land"...which is really "Alice in Wonderland" or else he could also ask to watch..."The Pirates in the Caravan"...Pirates in the Carribbean"!!

He will often ask..."where am I going tomorrow" and I will say, " you have school tomorrow" and he will say, "not that tomorrow, the other morrow after that"? Or the yesterday before the's all a bit higgled piggeldy speak.....Luc language!!

Right now in school he is learning his letters and numbers and how to write them down and is very proud of his efforts.  He still loves music and is a great dancer as well. Luc LOVES to eat steak, cooked medium rare and with cracked black pepper all over it....he loves bacon and eggs and snacks on rice crackers.  If we are lucky , sometimes he may eat carrot and an apple.....seriously, that is mostly all he really likes to eat.  He likes a burger but doesn't eat the bun??, he doesn't even like fries??  He just know what he likes and would rather  not eat anything at all than try a new food.  Oh well his lack of vegetable and variety in his diet sure does not effect his energy levels and thankfully he now sleeps all night for about 10 hours!

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Jane Bourke said...

He is a little entertainer. Carry a book around and write the funny things in. I must remember to do that myself. xx