Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sophie's first rock concert......

Last Saturday mum and dad took me to my first concert. I got to see Miley Cyrus in real life!!! It was so much fun. My friends Indy,Neve, Cameran and Alex and their mums and dads came too. We screamed so much my voice has still not come back yet!!!
Miley is so cool. I love her. I loved her outfits!! Although I did tell Mum she did need some more clothes on and that you can only wear those outfits if you are a rockstar!! When Miley is not doing concerts she likes to wear layers.....I think she is pretty. Indy and Neve made sighs for Miley....I dont think she could see them though! I got a little bit tired but mostly I had lots of fun. We even went out for dinner first and had sushi...my favourite!!! Luc didn't go, he had a sleep over at Nanny's house. Lucky he wasn't there as he would of complained...it's too loud and stuck his fingers in his ears and probably been a pain!!!

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