Tuesday, November 02, 2010

8 years old...where DOES the time go!!!

Happy Birthday to Sophie
8 years old today
having and breakfast and wondering....
"do I really need to go to school today"?

So here I am at 8 years old, Mummy came to school to be "parent helper"for the morning.  My teacher wasn't there as she was sick so we had another teacher.  Mummy thought she sounds like "Mrs Doubtfire", you know that movie!!!  Anyhow, she made us get up and tell the class what we want to be when I grow up and I said........"I want to be  a famous netballer"!!  This will probably change about 100 times in the next few years, so don't hold me to it...ok!

I had a great day and a small family party at our house with pizza and cake.  I was pretty tired as I had been awake since 4.45am.......quite excited to be 8!

On Saturday we played mini golf and Daddy, Mummy and I all got holes in one.  Not Luc, he got a hole in about 18.  Daddy said we are not going to be enrolling him in the "Tiger Woods school of golf" anytime soon!

Birthday girl and Daddy

yummy pizza for dinner

party time....
Mummy made yummy cupcakes

Cake time!!

Nanny, Aunty Jane, Cisco and Havana...waiting for cake!

Blowing out the candle for the 3rd time.....

Grandpa and Jack have their eyes on the cupcakes....

Kai gets cuddles from his Aunty Sarah

Sophie's new purchase from the toystore with her birthday money....folks, meet Roxy!!

Chocolate Ice cream cake.......

Luc's purchase from the toy store with his birthday money...

Mr Policeman......where is my siren!!

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