Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moosehead shaped pasta!!!

How funny is our dinner???? Mummy's friend found this pasta and thought we would like it. Moosehead shaped pasta.......Luc and I thought it was very funny. You know where you can buy it.... ..... Wow IKEA really do sell everything!!!

oh yeah and by the way....5 SLEEPS TO GO........ I am so excited I can hardly think straight!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter weekend

We went to Margaret River for Easter and had 2 fun days playing in the wilderness. Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Em, Uncle Carl, Jack and Sari came too!

We went to the Animal farm and fed some of the animals. I got to feed a lamb a bottle of milk....they sure do pull on those bottles, you have to hold on very tight!!!

Dinner time for Sari, Jack, Luc and I!

Daddy hung the rope in the tree and we all had turns in the harness climbing up and swinging. SO much fun!!!!

The teeniest tiniest baby rabbit I have ever seen!!

The Easter bunny visited us and left us some chocolate treats and we each had a nice letter from the easter know, telling us we should be good kids and clean our rooms etc.......

Sadly, our much loved Uncle John went to Heaven to be with the angels just after we came back from Margaret River.

I will miss him a lot and it won't be the same when we go to Margaret River anymore.

This is how I will remember Uncle John, always smiling and asking me questions and listening to me.

These photos were taken in Margaret River over the last couple of years.

Bye John, say hi to all the angels from me. Love Sophie


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Sunday, April 05, 2009

25 Sleeps.......

Hi there, Sorry I have been MIA for a little while but you know I am a very busy almost 6.5 year old girl you know. A lot is happening in my world.
Firstly Year One is so much better than pre Primary that's for sure. I am loving school especially play time at recess and lunch when my friends Jayde, Sofie, Gabby, Ebony and I play mummy's and daddys. Sometimes Mason and Cade play with us which is great as they can be the dad. It's ok though, if we dont have a boy to play the daddys sometimes we change it and play "mummies and dogs"???

I am reading a lot and spelling and adding AND really enjoying everything about school. Although I am also very, very excited as I only have 4 days of school left and then it is school holidays and THEN, I go back to school for 3 days and THEN have 3 weeks off again to go to HAWAII!! Yippee. I am so excited to see Memere and Pepere, Ginette, John and Cousin Justin...(I hope he likes playing Mummys and Daddys or at least Mummys and Dogs!!!!!) I can't wait for them to meet Luc and to see in real life how he is becoming a little bit annoying!!! They might not think so but boy, I am so tired of him thinking he can do everything I do and ruining my games. He needs to remember he is ONLY 2.5 years old. I mean Mummy has to keep reminding me when I get cross with him, I hear it all the time, so why does he forget so much!!!
Although I do like it when he dances with me as he is a really, really good dancer AND he can be very entertaining. Last week Jack and I were playing in the sand pit while Luc was asleep and when he woke up, he went and got his little chair and his ukelele and pink cowboy hat...(which is all actually mine, not his!!) anyway he sang us songs, made up songs and they were really nice songs, like the ones daddy can sing. He even sang "Jingle Bells" for us!!! He put on a great little concert just for us and then he did some breakdancing!!!
My 2 front teeth have made an appearance, they are slowing coming down and I am looking forward to them joining the rest of my pearly whites!
Easter is this weekend and we are going to Margaret River for the weekend. I am looking forward to the "easter egg" hunt and eating some chocolate.
But most of all........I am looking forward to 25 more sleeps......yay!!
Love Sophie