Saturday, October 03, 2009

Luc's 3rd Birthday

I had my 3rd birthday though if anyone asked how old I was I would say I was 9!!! I like the number 9. Sophie thought this was funny so I would say it all the time to make her laugh more!
I had a fun birthday. All my friends came over and we had a party and yummy food. Mummy made me a cool blue truck birthday cake and it was YUM.
I got a new blue car that I can drive around the back yard, it goes fast. Sophie made me a drivers license but doesn't mean I know how to drive, I crash inot alot of things but that is the fun part!

I got some cool new trucks and cars and some nice clothes for my birthday.

Mummy and Daddy think I am pretty cheeky and my favourite thing is to make them all laugh.

Me on my new car....not even watching where I am going!!!

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