Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi faithful readers (if any still out there.....) Sophie here...
It's taken a little while to get back into the "swing of things" (as mum calls it) the routine of daily life!! We've been home from our holiday (best fun EVER) for 4 weeks now. It is nice to be home and see all my friends BUT I miss my Memere and Pepere, Ginette, John and Justin.

I wrote a journal while I was in Hawaii and this is what I listed as my favourite things about our trip:
1. Going to the little shop near our condo's everyday with Memere and Pepere and sometimes 2 times in the day to buy ice creams and souveniers!!!
2. Playing "super babies" in the waves with Justin.
3. Learning how to play "Crazy Eights" and then beating Memere and Pepere and giving Pepere the Queen of Spades and all the Twos!!!!
4. Swimming in the pool for hours on end with Justin
5. Playing DS ganes with Justin
6. Hiking in the jungle
7. Going to the little shop everyday and buying ice cream
8. Making Luc get the ball when we thre it to him out of the pool
9. Going to the little shop everyday to buy ice cream.....I might of already mentioned this!!!!

So I am back at school, there is no little shop to go visit and I have no eaten any ice cream for a while.......

Love Sophie

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Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute & funny :)
Matante Ginette xox