Friday, July 11, 2008

It's all about me!

It's school holidays here...(I am pretty sure I have told you this already!) Anyway, I have had a great first week. On Thursday Nanny and Mummy took me to see a play called "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie", it was all about 2 little gumnut babies, a big snake and a big lizard. It might not sound that interesting but it was good fun to watch and kids were the actors!! Afterwards we went to a Cafe and had Afternoon tea. I had a "babycino" which is a cappucino for kids (no coffee, just frothy milk and chocolate!)!!! Very grown up like!!
This is what I wore to the play and LOOK, I forgot to tell you all.......I lost my second tooth!!!!!! See the on the photos to make the gap look bigger....

Then yesterday Nanny and Grandpa looked after Luc and Mummy took me to see "Kung Fu Panda". It was funny but also a little bit scary in some parts. Mummy is so brave, she wasn't scared!!! Afterwards we went shopping for some new jeans for me because in the morning before the movie Mummy and I had our usual "what am I going to wear disagreement"!!!!!!!

You see, I am a leggings girl!! I have 15 pairs actually...although I really only like 2 of them as they are the exact right length!!! I am very fussy (so I am told constantly) about my clothes. So anyway in the middle of the morning clothing dispute, Mummy realised I needed new jeans. So we went to a special kids clothes store and I even tried on a change room and all!!!! How cool is that! SO Mummy was very excited because the store had big signs up saying 50% off, wow, you should of seen how excited she got!!!! I am going to look out for those signs more often because she REALLY likes them!!!

So meanwhile, I am in the changeroom by myself and Mummy keeps bringing me things to try I am now the proud owner of 2 new pairs of jeans, a denim skirt, a pink and blue striped top and groovy belt to match, a cool blue and grey spotty dress AND black boots!!!!
If I was in a more co operative mood I would try them all on again and let Mummy take photos of me like she really wants to do but I just don't feel like it so you just have to make do with these photos.

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statisticus said...

Hi Sophie! I'm very interested to read about you going to see Snugglepot and Cuddlpie. Where did you see it? My daughter and I have just been in a production of the Peter Combe version of the story here in Brisbane, but if you live in Perth someone else must be putting it on. Our show was at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, and finished yesterday (the 12th of July). Our cast were mostly kids, but with a few adults too - me, playing the Kookaburra, the Possum and the Rev Sardine, and another man you played Mrs Koala and Frilly the fish.

Glad you liked it, whereever you saw it.