Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More photos from Hawaii.....................

Here are some more photos from our trip.
1> Mummy and I walking towards Napili Bay
2> Kissing cousins......
3> Justin and I with Memere and Pepere
4> Mummy, Daddy and I at the Luau in Maui.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm back from holidaying in Hawaii!!!! It was the best time ever. The plane was fun, I loved to get the little meal trays and spend close to an hour buttering my bread roll and picking through the little containers! From Sydney to Honolulu I slept the whole way....9.5 hours, which was great because I was all rested to play with Justin straight away. I was a little bit shy at first (approx. 10 minutes!!) It was so great to see Memere and Pepere, Matante Ginette and Mononcle John.
So, we played and swam and played and swam and played and swam and watched "pink panther cartoons...(my new favourite!!!) and had ice cream and special treats every single day. I was thinking, this is the best place in the whole world. We ate in lots of restaurants and they always gave out crayons and colouring in pages to do while we waited. How cool is that!
So we did this every day and we were all very sad to say good bye. Now I am back in my house with just Mummy (Daddy had to go away to work today!). I really miss Justin especially because we played all the time. I miss Memere and Pepere, Ginette and John too. Today I asked Mummy if we could go to Canada next week to see them!!!
Here are some photos.....so you can see it really was lots of fun!!
Love Sophie