Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Day in the in the life of Sophie ~ Aged 2 and 3/4's

The following is a documentation of Sophie "talk" and an example of what her daily life if like.....
1.00am Yell out for Mummy to take me to the this..."Mummy, I got to weeeee"....Mummy takes me and then tucks me back in bed and I tell her that I am "warm and cosy in my special bed"!!
7.00am Wake up and start talking to my special friends (stuffed toys that I sleep with) in my bed...then start yelling at Mummy..."The sun is awake!!"
7.05am Mummy gets me out of bed and I ask her,
S: "Where's Daddy?"
M: "Gone to work"
S: "In the boat, not the plane"
M: "No, in the work truck"
S: "Ohhhh, but is he working in a boat"
M: "Yes"
S: "What my doing today?"
M: "We are going to clean up and do washing first"
S: "Oh no, not bacuuming(vacuuming!!!)"
M: "Yes, vacuuming and mopping and then we might go visit Nanny and Grandpa and Mummy is going to go to the gym."
S: "Hmmmm, sounds like fun"
S: "Mummy, where's daddy???"
7.10am Sophie watches the morning cartoon programs
S: Mummy I need breakfast
M: OK, let's have cereal
S: Yay, cereal!!
M: Do you want the green box or the brown box?
S: No No No, not the green one, No No No not the brown one....I want another one
M: We dont have another one
S: OK, the green one, but no milk with it
M: Ok
S: Mummy I need milk
M: You want milk now
S: Yes, Yes, yes...milk....silly mummy!!!! :-)
S: Oh Mummy, you are my best friend!
S: Mummy, when is Daddy coming home???
M: Would you like some toast
S: Yes please Mummy..... Thank you very much
M: Oh Sophie, you have such lovely manners
S: I like jam on, I like vegemite on toast
M: How about we do half vegemite and half jam
S: Oh, mummy you are a clever boy
M: No I am a clever girl, not a boy
S: Mummy is daddy a good girl???
M: No Daddy is a good boy.
S: Is Sophie a good girl
M: Yes
S: Is Sasha a good girl
M: Yes, she is a good girl
S: Silly Mummy, Sasha is a good dog!!
S: Mummy I need to get dressed.....I show you...I do it
M: Lets brush teeth
S: I do it, I do it
S: What my doing today????
M: What am I doing today...not What my doing
S: What AM I doing today
M: Thats the house and washing is what I am doing. You can read books or play with your babies or do some drawings.
S: Yay!
S: Mummy I need a snack
M: Sophie you just had breakfast
S: But I am a little bit hungry
M: What about a mandarin
S: Yes please mummy
Sophie plays in her room and talks away to her toys then proceeds to sing them all Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC song. Some toys get told off for not listening. She feeds her special baby milk and then puts her to bed.
S: Mummy, Mummy, Mummy......where are you....... where are you
M: I am outside, hanging the clothes on the line
Sophie comes outside
S: Hi Mummy
M: Hi Sophie
S: Are the clothes all clean now?...good girl mummy!!!!!!
M: Yes, but they are all wet still
S: Oh, but the sun will dry them up right.
M: Yes, that's right
S: Mummy, look, a plane in the sky. Not Daddy's plane is it. I went on a plane. I went on a big plane. I went on the plane with Mummy and daddy but not Sasha.
S: Watch me ride my bike
M: Mummy is going inside now to do the mopping
S: Oh Mama I don't want to do mopping, I'm staying here and playing with Sasha
Sophie plays outside with Sasha and throws the ball and tells her off and bosses her around for a while then gets the shovel and digs in the garden and finds some water in a watering can and pours it on the plants.....
S: Mummy, Im all dirty! I need changing! Im all wet!
M: Your making more washing for me!!!
S: Yes, but Daddy makes the most washing........ but not Sasha!
M: OK we are ready to go and see Nanny and Grandpa now
S: Yay, C'mon mum. No Sasha you STAY.
M: Sasha can come with us
S: No Sasha STAY.....(Sasha ignores Sophie and runs to the car anyway)
S: I'm getting the letters from the letterbox (gets upset because there are no letters in there)
M: The postman hasn't been yet Sophie
Sophie sits in her car seat and Sasha's tail flicks her in the face repeatedly. Mummy laughs because it looks funny and Sophie gets angry at sasha and then laughs because Mummy is laughing.
S: Mama, you think baby Jack is at Nanny's house.
M: Maybe, but he could be asleep so we better not wake him up
S: Mum you going to gym and I stay with Nanny and Grampa and I going to eat Morning tea in the back yard because I am a little bit hungry
Sophie stays with Nanny and Grampa and Aunty Em and Baby Jack are there while Mummy goes to the gym.
Mummy picks Sophie and Sasha up again and they go to do some grocery shopping.
S: I'm going to sit in the trolley....the big part and I be agood girl and then I sit in the tractor...(the tractor is one of those ride on toys in the mall)
M: You will need to sit in the seat because otherwise we wont fit the groceries in the trolley
S: Ok Mummy....but can I pick out my own apple
M: Yes you can
S: Im going to get a big red apple not a big green one
A lady stops by and sayd hello to Sophie and Sophie hides her eyes down and goes very shy!!!
M: Sophie you know how to say hello when someone talks to you
S: I'm a little bit shy
Sophie is a good girl while shopping and very helpfully points everything out...there's milk, bread, etc. Then we go down the "Olives" aisle. Sophie loves olives and is so excited to see so many different jars of olives. Funnily we have no problem going down the candy, chip, ice cream aisle and she never asks for anything....only olives!!!!
M: I think it is lunch time
S: Oh yes, I am hungry for lunch. I like a sandwich, but don't cook it. I like cheese but not cooked on the bread (Sophie is not into grilled cheese at the moment) and continues to eat about 10 olives while lunch is being prepared
S: I want to watch a movie now
M: No because you are going to have a nap
S: But I'm not tired
Sophie goes to sleep after playing in her "new special bed" for about 15 minutes and sleeps for close to 2 hours!!!
Sophie wakes up and has a drink and a snack whilst watching a few afternoon kids programs 0n TV
M: Will and Ella and their Mummy's are coming over to our house this afternoon to play
S: Oh WOW....then jumps ups to dance to a Wiggles song
Will and his baby brother Oliver and Ella and her baby brother Hudson arrive and the older kids run outside to play. We can see them but they are happy running after Sasha and playing. They play on the slide and the swing. Then Will starts playing Batman (Will is 9 months older than the girls!) We like to listen to their chatter......
E: I've got a baby brother
S: I don't have a baby...I have a baby doll and she's sleeping in my bed
E: I have a big bed
S: I have a big bed in my new special room
E: It's my brithday and I like a horse
S: I'm having a birthday cake
The kids sit outside and haver some afternoon tea of fruit, cheese and biscuits
Everybody goes home and Sophie helps Mummy clean up all the toys that are all over the house. Then Sophie helps get the clothes off the line.
S: They all dry now Mum??
M: Yes,they are
S: AHH, Good girl Mum!
S: Oh Mum, these are my knickers.
Mummy starts cooking dinner.
S: Mummy can I see, I want to see, Can I have a carrot.
S: No not a little piece......a whole carrot.
Sophie gets her carrot and takes off back outside and plays on her bike.
S: Mummy, when is Daddy coming home??
M: Soon
S: Soon when?
M: In about half and hour
S: Today or tomorrow
M: Today in about half an hour
S: What are you making?
M: Spaghetti
S: Oooh WOW, I love spaghettio, my favourite
M: Its spaghetti not spaghettio
S: Spaghettio, spaghettio, spaghettio.....
Sophie runs off singing her spaghettio song!!
M: Sophie I think Daddy is home
Sophie runs to the window to look out and see's Daddy's work truck in the front yard and.
S: Daddy home! Daddy home!
Sasha starts barking
Sophie runs outside and Daddy throws Sophie in the air and she gets tickled for about 2 minutes.
S: Daddy can I play in the truck
D: Not today, daddy has to go and have a shower as he is very dirty
S: You have dirt on your clothes
D: I had to work very hard today and in a very dirty and hot tank
S: Daddy you play with me after your shower
D: We are going to have our dinner and then I will give you a bath and play with you...OK
M: Dinner is ready
S: Yay, I am very hungry
Sophie eats spaghetti and gets it everywhere...all over the floor. But thoroughly enjoys it and then starts wanting a bath.
Daddy gets the bath ready......
S: I want BIG bubble bath daddy...BIG, BIG, BIG
D: OK, I will make it big, but we are going to need to be able to see you!!!
S: Good boy daddy!
Sophie plays in the bath with her cups and boats for at leat 20 minutes before getting out of the bath.
S: Mummy, look at me, I am all clean.
S: Mummy get my jamies (pajamas) I want to watch a movie. I want Mummy to watch with me and cuddle.
S: No mummy not those jamies, I want my new jamies!
M: How about these ones.
S: OK those ones. Mummy you want to put your jamies on now?
M: No not yet
S: Mummy I sleep in a big bed by myself with my friends.
S: I want to watch Hi-5, can you dance with me.
Mummy and Daddy dance with Sophie to Hi5 in the loungeroom and are amazed at how well she knows the songs and dances. It is very funny to watch. 3 stories are read and it is then bed time.
S: Daddy it is your turn to put me to bed tonight. Not your turn Mummy but you come cuddle me OK!
D: Ok bed time now, let's go.
S: What my doing today?
D: Today, don't you mean tomorrow???
S: What my doing tomorrow?
D: You have playgroup tomorrow with your friends.
S: Oh yay, I love "crayboot" (she means to say Playgroup!!!!)
Sophie goes to bed easily and it is usually her deciding when it is tine for bed. She sits and plays with her friends for a little while and then falls asleep where she gets her energy for the busy day ahead.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Trip to Sydney

WOW, Mummy has been so slack and not been updating you on my daily antics for such a long time!!! I am very sorry about that but she is pretty busy you know and it is hard for her to remember everything I am doing now as I am just doing so much.

Mummy and I went on a big plane to Sydney to visit our friends Jill, Paul, Tyler, Jaydan and Keira. I LOVED being on the plane again and my favourite thing to play with is still the seatbelt...oh yeah, and pressing the buttons so the lady comes over to ask Mummy what she wants....then Mummy has to say, "Sorry, Sophie accidently pressed your buttons". Mummy said the first time was an accident but the next 6 times were naughty and the man driving the plane, I think his name is Pilot might turn the plane around and take us home!!!! In Sydney I had good fun playing with my new friends and we went to Taronga Zoo. We caught a ferry across Sydney harbour and saw the Opera house and the Harbour bridge...(big deal I say....where are the animals!!) We then had to catch a little car that took us into the sky and dropped us out at the top of the sky where the Zoo was ( Mummy said it was called a gondola!!!) We spent all day walking around and looking at the animals...they had gorilla's and tigers and lions and rhinos' but no elephants because they went on holiday to visit another zoo! I had a really good timebut was very happy to come home and see "my daddy" again!

Then I got a very bad cold and feel very well at all. I just wanted Mummy to cuddle me all day long and that made me feel better. I only felt sick for a few days but I couldn't go to swimming lessons or to Julie's house but I wasn't sad about that because I didn't feel like playing anyway!

Not sure if I have told you that I graduated from the "water babies"class at swimming lessons to the "Kindergarten class". So now mummy and daddy don't come in the water with me and the teacher shows me how to swim. At first I didn't like that mummy and daddy weren't in the water and I cried and cried and cried but last week I was a champion and didn't cry once and I even like Bridget (my teacher ) now. I got another certificate because I can swim solo now with floaties on. Now I can't wait to go to swimming again!!!

Today we are going to clean the house....(mummy's idea, definately not mine and apparently I take after daddy in the "making a mess" department)...but Mummy says I am young enough to change and she is really working on me becuase then she said I can also help her "work" on daddy and we can make him clean up his things as well!!!

Love Sophie