Friday, May 07, 2004

Mummy is finding it so much harder to find time to write my diary for me as I have been keeping her so busy. I am such a busy little bee and constantly walking around and playing with whatever takes my fancy. I really like playing with little stones and different containers, dont ask me why but putting the stones in one container and then tipping them into another container is just so much fun!!!! I really dont like it when Mummy goes off and does her when she sweeps the floor, washes dishes, hangs out clothes and I especially do not like the loud thing she uses to clean the makes me cry and I am scared of it. I don't know why Mummy likes to do these things but I usually follow her around and stand at her feet until she stops doing them and plays with me again.
My Daddy came home on Wednesday and we went to the airport again to pick him up and I was so excited when I saw him I ran straight to him saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy"!!! We have been playing a lot and he lets me climb all over him and jump on him way more than Mummy lets me jump on her...(but daddy's are a lot tougher I think!!!) we also went to the Zoo. Now, this is a very interestiing place. All the animals in my picture books all came to life and they were real. I am not sure what I think about that because the elephant sure was very big in real life. I also saw a tiger, orangatang (this looks like a really big monkey), giraffes, zebra's and lots more. Although, my favourite thing to look at were the babies in their prams being wheeled around by their Mummy's and Daddy's. Daddy told Mummy in the car on the way home that I seemed to be more interested in the other kids and that we could of saved some money and just gone to the mall to look at screaming children . Now that sounds like a great idea daddy!!!!!!
I am now 18 and a bit months old and next week I have to have my check up with the Health nurse. I am sure she will tell Mummy that I am so incredibly advanced for my age...(like last visit!!!). I know where all the parts of the body are and I can count up to 3 fact I can count 6 things but I just say 1, 2, 3 twice. I can say please, no more, all gone, there it is, car, dog, apple, juice, and so many more words. I can even brush my own hair, although not very well!!!
I will let you know all anout my check up next week.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie