Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sophie goes on school camp...

Our little 10 year old Sophie went on her first school camp a couple of weeks ago to Point Peron.  There was much anticipated excitement for this inaugural camping trip as previous years had declared it "the highlight of their years at primary school"!!!  4 days and 3 nights aways from any contact with her was also indeed challenging for us parents left at home...(in the much quieter home I might add!!)
(Above: quick photo of Sophie and I the morning she left!)

A hug for Luc....

and this reaction from Sadie the "wonder pup"....."if I look all cute like this, will you stay??"

How bout this cute look...I think it's my best side!!

Anyhow, the 4 days and 3 night were "jam packed" full of fun and activities.  On the way to Point Peron they toured around the Fremantle Jail and were told scary stories...(great!!) Arriving at camp they hurriedly chose their bunk beds and got settled before a play and dinner followed by a quiz night.

The next day they had a ropes course, raft building, swimming, canoeing and then visit to Penguin Island on a ferry.
That night after a dinner of chicken, vegetable and mashed potato they all settle down (all 60 kids) to watch a movie.

Day 3 was bike riding and numerous games and a fun "Pajama themed" disco to end the night.

So a very action packed time and all the kids came back to school very tired but happy.

Sophie took a camera and below are some of the photos she took.  We had a laugh that most of the photos were"selfies"  of herself and her friends being silly and the other 50 or so were of the disco and all you can see is black with a few bright lights flickering....

on the bus...excited!!

the duck face!

the happy face

the "do you want to see up my nose face"

sunglasses shot!

Playground at camp...

cute little penguins at penguin Island

Happy Feet's

watching the penguins

Dolphins swimming right at the beach, so close to them


yep...lots of pictures like this

who takes pictures of their feet??

All in all though a great experience for her and she didn't miss us at all...(yeah right)!!!!