Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well, 1 week from today we are in Los Angeles, 5 sleeps from today we leave for Sydney, 8 sleeps till we arrive in Moncton...these are the count downs Miss 9 reminded me of this morning!  As if I could forget...her next sentence was...."there are no words to explain how excited I am"...too cute!
We are all looking forward to our trip that is for sure and especially as it will be Luc's first time to Canada and his first time meeting his Great Grandparents.  Sophie although she has been to Canada before, was only 21 months old so doesn't remember a lot about Canada.
Sophie has been working on her "what to wear on the plane" outfit for about a week has changed about 100 times as well...oh my goodness, how lovely it would be to have only that to think of....meanwhile, I will just run around like a headless chook and organise the rest of the packing, house cleaning and details that need to be made in our absence!!