Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boys being boys.....

Luc had his two little best friends from kindy over this afternoon..... Oh my goodness, they were soooo loud!!!! They like to do very boy things.... Play with nerf guns, shoot each other, chase each other with laser swords..... Pretend they are Ben Ten... They were all very good though just SO loud!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sadie....2 months on...

We have had Sadie for 2 months now!  Most of the time we LOVE her but sometimes she is a little too crazy...even for us...and we are good at crazy!!!  As she is getting bigger she is also stronger and her idea of playing is to jump up on us and try to playfully bite us.  When she jumps now she is almost bigger that Luc!!
Here we  are having a nice litle play and swing in the hammock and Sadie thinks....hmmm, kids in hammock, I want in too!!!

NO SADIE!!!  Is the most used phrase in our household, followed closely behind with...DOWN SADIE or NO BITING SADIE!!!

Ohhhh so not fair is it Sadie...hammocks are not for puppies!!

Even if have the "puppy dog eyes" look and  you are the cutest puppy in the whole world!!  Trust me Sadie, those looks DON'T work....I try them all the time!!

Yay, a mellow moment with Sadie, time for a cuddle!

Yes, they are bike tyres and NO you cannot eat them!!

NO NO NO...you cannot get on the trampoline with us!!

another cuddle...please don't bite my nose!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I had  a great 9th birthday on Saturday 29th October!!  I woke up in the morning and a brand new bike was in the kitchen waiting for me!! Yay, so cool, I rode around the streets before breakfast!  I had my usual gymnastic class and after that I had  a birthday party at a dance school....it was a "gymnastics" theme.  It was so much fun, we also got to dance a lot to all my favourite songs...... Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne......just to name a few.

At my party.....having a "head stand" competition and Daddy went in it as well. My friends were impressed that Daddy could stand on his head for so long.....one of my friends even told Daddy she was so impressed as her Dad can barely bend over let alone stand on his head!!!!

taking our turns to perform a "special talent"

my friends!!

Me having a great time!!

party time....

Happy Birthday to me.....

Mummy made a cool cake....keeping with my "gymnastics" theme!!

9 candles!!

so mature now at 9 years old......obviously!!
It was  a great birthday but so far 9 feels pretty much just like 8......