Sunday, February 21, 2010

who is it???


So it's been a couple of weeks since we re did Sophie's room and I had put some photos in frames on her desk for a few days ago when she was getting into bed, she says....."Mum, I really like how you did my room and the photos are cool and all but why do I need a picture of a lady holding a baby on my desk...I mean, WHO are they????

Gee Sophie, I know you've changed in the 7 years since you were a newborn but do you not recognise that "lady" being your mother???? Oh, ok then, the photo can stay....

Gee thanks !!
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Swimming to Rottnest

Uncle Carl and his brother Dane swam to Rottnest on Saturday!! Mummy, Luc and I got up at 4.45am and went down to Cottesloe Beach to see the start of the race! I'm still not sure why they just didn't catch the ferry like we usually do but anyhow....seemed to be a popular idea as 2300 people were swimming, with about 900 boats going across as well. Uncle Carl and Dane managed to swim the 19km's and avoid being eaten by sharks in 6 hours and 36 minutes!!! How amazing is that....I bet they were pretty tired after that!! I'm tired just thinking about it!!!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday evening.............

Sophie waiting for Daddy to come home. Tired of waiting inside, she takes to the letterbox to wait patiently. Can't wait to see Daddy....oh yeah and the bacon and pineapple woodfired pizza he is bringing home with him for dinner.....
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bedroom makeover...



love my new mirror!!
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Mummy and I made a trip to IKEA last Saturday to get some things to make my room a bit more like a 7 year old lives there and not a 3 year old....not that it was "babyish". it's just that it hadn't changed since I was 3!!! Nanny and Grandpa let me have the desk that Mummy and Aunty Emily used when they were in high school...(far out, can you imagine how OLD it is!!!!) Actually it is pretty cool, I love it, wonky drawers and all!!

So before pics...note the "friends" stuffed toys that sleep in a hammock above my bed...time to go, sorry friends, new homes for most of you. Cousins Sari and Havana I am sure can love you like I did!!!

After.....see if you can spot the differences....

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So I have been keeping my room very clean, (part of the conditions on the make over!!), I love painting at my desk and listening to Hannah Montana..... the shelf above my desk, daddy put up there with 2 very loud drills...(Luc's favourite bit!)and a minimum of bad words!! I still have my Strawberry Shortcake stickers Memere gave me when I was in Canada before I was 2. I love my pink mats and pink chair. Oh yeah, most of all, I LOVE my mirror!!!!! Checking out what I look like it very important to me!!!

First Day of Grade Two!!


Grade 2 started last Monday and I had to admit, the night before I was a bit excited!! My new teacher is Mrs Hannaford and she is nice. Luc was sad apparantly the whole day I was gone to school but now he is getting use to not having me around. So after the first week of school, last Friday Mummy asked me what I like to do best in Grade answer...."well, I like day dreaming, looking out the window and thinking about Hawaii and having fun"!!!...don't think it was quite the answer mummy was wanting!!!!!
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