Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Winter uniform.....

Before my hair cut of course.......
This is my Winter uniform ......just incase you were wondering what we wear to school in the winter!!!!

Sophie xxx
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Book week at school........

Posted by PicasaLast Friday it was Book week at school and we were allowed to come dressed as a character from a book!!! I went as a Nurse!(Plenty of Nurses in books!!!) Mummy suggested it as it was an outfit we already had in the dress up box. It was fun as we did a parade and the best costumes won a prize! Now, my very loyal readers (Hi Memere and Pepere) will probably remember that last year when I was in Pre primary class I WON the prize by dressing as a "Ladybug". Photo evidence above....(sorry, can't get the photos in order for some reason today!!) The boy that won this year was wearing a "gingerbread man"costume that Mummy said his Mummy looked like she had been making it all year. It was very well done, all cut out of cardboard and painted....he looked so tasty!!! I think I made a pretty good Nurse although I had kids in my class thinking they were SO SO funny all day long asking me to check their heart beats, temperatures, teeth (der, did I say I was a dentist!!!!!!!) whatever they could think of just to be funny...one kid actually had a real rash...ewww, I don't do rashes I said!!!!
So after book week, I went to get my hair cut....the new me as above. Do you like it??? It is short and I feel so grown up. I love my new hair do!!!
Love Sophie xxxx