Monday, March 16, 2009

Back from Busselton!

We just got back from Busselton. A long, long, long drive, it took forever and I made Mummy and Daddy a bit cranky by asking every 15 minutes if we were almost there!!! The first time I asked we weren't even out of Perth city yet!!! It did only take 2.5 hours but I can be very impatient at times!!
We stayed in a little cabin right on the beach and it was great. In the evening and early in the morning the chickens and ducks would come visit and Luc and I would feed them some bread. Every now and then the wild rabbits would hop all over the place but they wouldn't let us catch up to them!!! There was a great "adventure playground" and I had so much fun on the"flying fox". Luc couldn't go on many things because he is still too small....although at one point I think he thought he could fly on his own and he almost took a leap from the top of the flying fox........luckily Mummy caught him before he jumped which I was glad about because Mummy said we could of spent the rest of the weekend in the emergency department at the hospital!!!

Having a snack after the big jetty walk. Yum, olives, camembert, crackers, apricots and almonds!!

A "joey" baby kangaroo which we saw on the Busselton foreshore.

On Saturday we walked the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere . It is 1.8km long and has an "Underwater world" at the end of the jetty. This was really cool as we could walk literally under the sea and see all the fish and coral through the glass. We tried to find daddy as well because we left him half way down on the jetty so he could snorkel, but we didnt see him. We tried to find "spongebob squarepants" as well but he wasn't there either.

This is a picture of the jetty and then daddy and I walking back. Look how long it is and this doesn't even show the end of it.

We went to Yallingup as well to watch the surfers ride the big waves.

It was a fun weekend and I wanted to stay there forever or at least bring the "flying fox" home to our backyard. I love that flying fox!

Love Sophie

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rock Lobster

Every night after our bath we dance to "Rock Lobster". It is Luc's favourite song and he comes in running when he hears the start of it. Luc is wearing my socks....he doesn't really own pink and purple socks!! Even Sasha gets in on the act!

I'm a star!!

4 weeks into school and I am already collecting awards.
At the school assembly on Friday I received the "Merit award" for my class. I was so surprised to hear my name called, after all there are 30 kids in my class. I stood at the front and just kept studying my certificate which said......
" well done to Sophie for being a quiet and industrious worker at all times"!!!!! Also I went up 4 levels in reading last week and am reading paragraphs and big words already and can read Luc stories before bed at night as well.

Not sure I mentioned this before but I lost my other big front tooth....see my huge gap!!!!
Love Sophie