Monday, January 26, 2009

HappyAustralia Day!!

Do you like our new tattoos!!! It is Ok, they do wash off.......(not like Daddy's, his don't !

We are off to our friends house Trish, Aaron, Alice and Gracie and we will be swimming in the pool for the rest of the day....yippeee!!
BBQ for dinner and swimming all day.......AND, going to the airport tommorow to pick up Daddy. so can't wait! The best day EVER!

Love Sophie

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geordie Bay view from the villa in the evening!
Feeding time!!

If you look closely we are pretty much all in this photo...except Grandpa as he took the photo!

Nanny waving to us from the balcony.

Luc, Sari, Jack and I playing on the beach

Spot the difference, ha ha. Luc and Sari are such opposites in looks .....similar personalities though and they get on great!

Luc thinking if he waters himself....he may grow!!!

Waiting for the bus into the main settlement.

Playing with Uncle Carl at the pub.

Nanny and Aunty Emily sititng in the shade of the beach tent.

Mummy and Luc going for a bike ride. Luc LOVES the bike.

Say cheese Luc???

Playing on the beach after dinner.....Luc decided his clothes weren't really neccessary!!

Me rollerblading!
Gee Luc, do you think you have enough sand on you!!!
Cleaning off all the sand in the bucket!!
Nanny and Grandpa relaxing on the balcony........until I came along and discovered their peace and quiet!! Ha ha.
Love Sophie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More from Rottnest.....

Playing at Geordie Bay.....

Aunty Jane, Cisco, Luc and I

Luc on his little bike again. He parked it in the bike rack next to my bike when we went to the shop and it looked so cute!


Saying hello to the quokkas with Jack.

Hello Mr quokka!

At Little Parakeet Bay with Nanny, Grandpa, Mummy and Luc.

Grandpa and Luc going for a walk

Luc finding some rocks to climb....this is what daddy always does, finds something to climb!!!!

Fishing on the jetty at Geordie Bay with Uncle Ian and Pascal. We didn't catch a single fish! Although Uncle Carl did the next day.

Baby Havana being cute.

Mummy getting to cuddle Havana in peace without Luc getting jealous!!!

Checking ou the bay and boats...up close!!!

Grandpa at the pub.....isn't that just the best view to sit and look at while you have a nice cold lemon squash and bag of chips!!!
Nanny and I!!
Luc being cheeky...moments before he took off and ran to the beach AND ran in the water fully clothed!!

The quokkas even come to the pub!! (Look closely under the table)

There are lots more photos to come from our trip.......I'll be back later, but right now it's off for a swim to cool down.

Love Sophie


Monday, January 19, 2009

It was my third time to Rottnest Island, not that I really remembered the first 2 times (I was only 1 year old at the time!!)and I may not remember much of this holiday either but how could I forget how much fun it was riding my little trike up and down the streets of Geordie Bay!!!
Sophie, Mummy, Pascal and I went looking for quokkas and headed towards Parakeet Bay, Sophie encouraged me on my bike....mostly with......C'mon Luc, faster!!!!!
Note the concentration on my face.....oh yeah and the spilt spaghetti sauce on my pajamas!
Whats with the camera mum??? I know, you can't believe how fast I can go without pedals!!

So it may not look like it but I am on top of a slight hill and also I have no brakes......this is where I turn around to see if mum was actually watching.....ah, never mind I'll take off anyway.......

That's right, no brakes folks!!
So I go to the side of the road and roll my bike twice, of course I am uninjured (cos I am so tough!) I get mad at Mummy trying to help me up and get straight back on the bike.

Back up the hill we go, Sophie has to get off to wheel her bike up, but not me!!

The view of Geordie Bay as we get back to the top of the hill. Our villa is the 4th one from the right on the beach front!

Another hill back down to our villa but Pascal helps me with this one!
Well what did we find when we got back....a quokka had come to visit so we needn't have gone searching for them anyway!!

Bye bye quokka, come again tomorrow. Time for bed now quokka.
Love Luc