Thursday, December 28, 2006

And so that was Christmas.......

WOW! I had the best Christmas ever!!! I was so excited on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had been to our house AND left a trampoline in the backyard. He is so clever...and strong to carry a trampoline all the way from the North Pole......which is even further than Canada! He also left Luc and I some surprise presents under the tree. I got some new sunglasses, a "Dora" watch and torch and a "Dora" nightie and game and I was SO impressed that Santa even knew that I liked "Dora the explorer" and that I actually needed all these things. I also got some new clothes and some lip gloss, cos now I am 4 I can wear lip gloss!!! I did get so many things and I just LOVED unwrapping presents. I got to unwrap all of Luc's as well as he is just too little to do it by himself. He got some clothes and some new sunglasses as well and a couple of little cars which my cousin Jack liked very much as well....... I was so lucky!

Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Em, Uncle Carl and Jack all came over to our house and we spent a lot of time swimming n the neighbours pool as they haev gone away on holidays and said we are allowed to use it. It is so much fun to be able to have a swim whenever I like!! Actually whenever Mummy or Daddy or some other grown up like as I am not allowed to swim by myself of course. Then we had lunch at our house and it sure looked yummy. I wouldn't know what it tasted like as I was too busy eating chocolates and candy canes. Christmas is the only day in the year when you eat chocolates for breakfast!!! Anyway, everbody seemed to think it was yummy.

After lunch Jack went and had a 4.5 hour "nap" which made Mummy jealous as Luc does not sleep that long. I played a game with Nanny and Aunty Em and Uncle Carl called "Guess who" which was good fun and then we all went over to the pool for more swims!! Aunty Jane and Ian came over in the afternoon and Aunty Jane bought me a "Dora" laptop. How lucky am I!!! AND.....guess what else!!!!! Aunty Jane and Aunty Em are both growing babies in their bellies!!!!! Just like how Mummy grew Luc. I can't wait for the babies to come out. Mummy said it is going to be a really long July they come out! I will be so busy being a BIG sister as well as OLDER cousin to 2 new babies!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 17, 2006

A note from my teachers

This is what my teachers at "Buzy Kidz" (which is like a kindy for 3 year olds) had to say about me. I got my first report card last week and Mummy read it out to Daddy on the phone (because he was away). They seem to think it is a pretty accurate description of me........

"Our little Sophie! It took us a while to win you over but I think we succeeded. Sophie is an absolute little sweetheart with an endearing personality. As her confidence has grown Sophie has made good friends within the group and always shows consideration towards her peers and staff alike.
Sophie tends to take everything on her litttle shoulders and can sometimes let the worry of it all stop her from having fun. Once you have gained her trust she will talk for ever and is really entertaining with her stories.
Sophie you are a delight, a real shining star. Let yourself shine and every success will be yours!!!!"

Awwwwww, isn't that nice. I am going to really miss my teachers at Buzy Kidz. They were so nice. I hope my kindergarten teacher next year will be just as nice.

bye bye
Love Sophie

Friday, December 15, 2006

I don't like chocolate!!!

Yesterday we went to do some Xmas shopping, just Mummy, Luc and I!!! 7 people (mostly other mums) stopped my Mummy to say how cute my little brother Luc is!!! He was in his pram and wearing this little outfit that Mummy's friend Jill sent to Luc when he was born. No one could see what was written on his back but everybody sure did like his outfit. Mummy told me what it said and I thought it was pretty funny. Everybody knows baby's can't eat chocolate, I mean I am 4 and I still only get a little bit now and then if I am really really good!!!!
Love Sophie

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Saturday's picnic

Last Saturday Mummy, Luc and I went on a picnic with some friends to Floreat Beach Park. It was so great because we could go swimming at the beach and play in the playground as well as picnic AND get an ice cream afterwards. A really great day all round. Even Luc was a good boy and Mummy wore him in her "kangaroo pouch" and he slept away most of the day.

My friend Alice's daddy took me out swimming really, really deep like how my daddy always takes me so I was very happy he could do that. I had lots.of fun playing with Ella and Will and Jayde as well.

After lunch you will never guess who came to see us.......SANTA!!!! He even brought us all a present. I got a sticker book on fairies and Luc got a little toy!!!! On the way home I asked Mummy how Santa knows exactly what we like and she says he is just like "magic"!!!!

I was very tired on the way home but it was just lots of fun. Later that night Mummy was watching the news and heard there had been a big shark sighting at the beach in Scarborough which was only just down the beach a bit from where we were swimming. Hmmmmm, maybe next time I won't go so far out!

Bye bye

Love Sophie


Friday, December 08, 2006

Facelift and new name

Well, not sure if you had noticed or not (hee hee) but it really is not all about me anymore!!!! Now that Luc is on the scene it is only fair that I write about him as well. I mean it would be great if it could always have been about me but I am actually OK with this. Sometimes Luc may even want to have a say himself. Yes, we are very clever for our ages!!!!

Luc is the best little brother in the world even if he does cry a lot AND keeps Mummy awake all night long. Yes, you read right......ALL night long! I witnessed it first hand. You see, daddy is away working on a big ship in the middle of the ocean so I took it upon myself to make sure Mummy wasn't scared at night sleeping by herself (that's a big sisters job by the way!!!!) so I have been creeping into her bed at night only to discover that she is not in it very much. She was up and down all night long last night because my baby brother has his first cold and he couldn't sleep very well. Poor little boy was coughing and sneezing and in the end Mummy stayed awake to hold him ALL night!!!!! He did go to sleep finally at 7am this morning for 2 hours but by then it's time to wake up and have breakfast. He is so not good at the sleeping thing but then Mummy said I was not exactly perfect at it either. Anyway, he ended up sleeping most of the day today so lets hope he is not awake again crying all night tonight and that he starts feeling better really soon.

So, Luc is 10 weeks old, that went fast! He has been smiling since he was 3 weeks old, talking/cooing since he was 5 weeks old but talking so much more in the last week or so. His favourite word is "agoo" which was also my favourite word at that age!!!! He weighs just over 5 kilos and is 54 cm long. He loves to look at me (of course he does, why wouldn't he!!!) his eyes follow me all over the room (ok, he also follows mummy and daddy but I think I am his favourite and if he could, he would say so!) he doesn't sleep much (too busy watching me, that's why!) he loves the latest Bob Dylan album, loves milk that Mummy makes especially for him (how clever is my mum!), loves to be held (yup, he has us trained already!) and is not that keen on driving in the car even though he gets to stare at me the whole trip (what is his problem?)

So, here are a couple of photos of him (not crying) and looking ever so cute..... and one of me getting a quick cuddle in the morning.
Love Sophie

Friday, December 01, 2006

Me and My Dad

Today I am a little bit sad :-(
My daddy is going on a plane tomorrow because he has to work far away for a long, long time. He is going to be gone for 20 sleeps!!!!!!! That is so long. He has been home for ever lately and I have been playing with him so much especially as Mummy has been more busy with baby Luc. We have been going to the beach a lot and riding my new bike to the park, playing in the backyard and even watching cricket together. Daddy likes to watch the cricket. I don't. I'd rather watch cartoons. So it will be just Mummy and me and Luc for the next 20 days. Mummy bought me one of those Christmas countdown calander things with the little piece of chocolate behind every number but as well as counting down till Christmas, I am counting down to when we pick Daddy up from the airport. At least he will be here before Santa comes, phew, thats lucky!
Here is a picture of daddy and I we fell asleep on the couch watching the cricket....(it's kind of boring sometimes and makes you go to sleep!!!!)

Bye Bye
Love Sophie