Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday and other stuff!!

I have lots to say today because I have not been able to update you as our computer had broken down and Mummy didn't know how to fix it. Anyway, it is all better now and got fixed on Saturday. We had to stay home ALL day!! I don't remember doing that in a very long time. I mean we can stay home for most of the day but we usually at least walk to the park or go to the shops, but no, we didn't do any of that. We had to stay home because the man that had to fix the computer could not give an exact time when he would be here. He told Mummy it would be between 7am and 5pm!!!!! He turned up at 5.40pm! Mummy did not seem too impressed!

So Saturday was spent, painting, playing with my dolls house, playdough, riding my bike, reading, more painting, drawing, watching a movie...oh yeah, we also baby sat baby jack for a couple of hours! In the afternoon I had a picnic with my "friends" (toys) at the front door. Yes, it HAD to be at the front door. Mummy kept trying to move me but my "friends" like to sit at the front door and have their cup of tea. Later on I realised it was not such a good idea because I tripped on one of the tea cups and hurt my ankle and a big bruise appeared. Mummy said we needed to put ice on it and I cried and said no. Then Mummy suggested a great idea of putting a popsicle on it. This was a really great idea because after it went on my ankle for about 10 seconds I ate the popsicle.......thought that maybe next time I want a popsicle pretend to hurt my ankle!!!!! I tried it and hour later and got knocked back. (how come mum's are so smart!!!)

Daddy rang before bed and I told him all about my day. He said he is in the middle of the ocean on the other side of Australia!!! Wow, that is far away but not as far as Canada because he only went on 1 plane to get there.

Bye Bye,
Love Sophie

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Here comes Summer!!

I had a very busy day yesterday. I went for a long walk with Mummy and Sasha and we stopped at the park for a while so " new baby" and I could go on the slide. Baby was a bit scared but I told her she doesn't need to cry and then I helped her go down the slide. She was having a great time until I accidently pushed her off the top of the slide and she landed in the sand, after that she wanted to go home. Luckily nothing was broken on her!!!!

It got very , very hot and when we came home Mummy said I could have a little ice cream and then go in the pool...yippeee...this is the best day ever!!! Mummy talked to Memere on the phone and when Mummy got off the phone, I asked if Memere was going in her pool as well and she told me it was getting cold where Memere and Pepere live and soon it will snow. WOW, they are so lucky. I saw snow on Sesame Street and I want to play in it!!! After that my pool filled up and I played for a little while, then Emily brought Jack-ee-boy (that what I call him!) over and he had his first ever swim in the pool and he loved it and he was so cute splashing his little legs and trying to drink the water.

When Daddy came home we went to Hillarys Marina for tea. We had fish and chippies and Daddy and Mummy had chilli mussels!!! Not me, I didn't eat them, they didn't look good to me. Then we all got an ice cream (did I mention this was the best day ever!!!!) and I ran after the birds and did some "kid watching", one of my favourite pastimes!!! Then we came home. Lots of fun and I can't wait to go in the pool again.
Love Sophie

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby and Me

I am loving my new baby that I got for my 3rd birthday. Oh, did I tell you I am 3 now!!!!I think I did maybe once or twice!!! My baby goes everywhere with me, to bed, to watch a movie, down the slide, on the swing, to do grocery shopping, to swimming lessons, (she even claps for me!!), she has pajamas and a dummy and also a going out outfit and a beautiful dress. I change her nappy when she does wees and poos and I feed her her bottle and sometimes I feed her broccoli and carrots (cos, thats what Jack eats as well!!)
I take her for walks in her pram and she loves that the best. Last week she was sick, like me. Like I said she does EVERYTHING with me and I love her so much. She is my favourite baby, because I actually have 4!!! Their names are ......Little baby (because she is the littlest), big baby (because she is bigger than little baby), church baby (because she is the one that goes to church with me) and new baby (my favourite because she is new although she is bigger than big baby, I couldn't call her "bigger" baby because that would just be so silly and Mummy sais she may get an eating disorder and we don't want that!!!) . Sometimes people stop me in the shops and say, "hello little girl, whats your babies name?". I say "BABY" and then I look at Mummy and we think to ourselves.....some people are just silly billy's!!!! (well, I think that is what she thinks!!!!)
Love Sophie

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not very well.....but better now!

Bonjour, (warning: graphic details below may offend those with weak stomachs!!)
Well, a new thing happened to me this week. What new thing you may ask as because I am now 3 there is not much that I haven't done...ha, ha!! I was sick, really sick, throwing up sick (that was the new thing!) In my 3 short years of life I had never thrown up before!!!! I was very scared because I thought my insides were all going to fall out... Mummy came to pick me up from Julies house on Wednesday afternoon and just as Julie was telling Mummy I had been very quiet since I woke up from my afternoon nap......up came everything from my tummy!!!! How frightening. It went everywhere...all over Mummy, me and Julie's nice clean floor. So home we went and after a bath I sat and watched a movie but had to do more throwing up over and over again. I went to bed but didn't sleep long as there was still more throwing up to do.....poor Mummy didnt sleep either because she had to keep changing my pajamas and sheets on my bed. The next day I slept a lot and Mummy didn't go to work so she was able to stay home with me all day. By the afternoon I felt much better and was able to keep some water down and now I am feeling back to my normal happy self again. Oh yeah, my baby was sick to, just like me. I had to keep changing her clothes as well but she is all better now as well.

Today Daddy took me to the is still too cold to swim but I liked running up and down the sand. Then we went to the shops and Daddy bought a hat so now he is like me because you have to wear your hat when you play outside...that is one of Mummy and Daddy's rules!!!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kings Park

Yesteray was such a beautiful sunny day.....not hot and not cold. We went for a picnic in Kings Park. In case you didn't know, Kings Park is the biggest park in all of Perth and there is so much to do there. Lots of people were at the picnic but mostly people that are related to me and my Grandpa as it was like a reunion (whatever does that mean!!) Although Grandpa wasn't able to come because he is working along way away. It was good fun and Mummy took me to the playground but there were too many bigger kids and they were being very noisy and I told Mummy to tell the "other children" to go home!!!! Mummy just laughed and said, we can't do that because everybody has to share the park, but I did notice her giving the bigger louder older boys "the look"!!!! Have you seen my mummy's "look"???? whoa...she means serious business when "the look" comes out. So I only got one go on the slide as the naughty other children were playing some kind of game and running all over it.

We had a yummy lunch of scallop cakes, asparagus, olives, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and some little chocolate muffins. Not really your typical 3 year olds lunch but as you know I can eat anything especially olives! Yum Yum!! Aunty Kathleen (grandpa's sister) had a special treat for me, it was a chocolate frog and it was very yummy!

Baby Jack was not happy at the picnic. I have not seen Baby Jack cry very much in his short 6 months of life but he was really really sad. I thought to myself maybe he is sad because he wanted to go on the slide like me, (because I would cry and be sad about that it that were me) but then I heard Aunty Emily tell Mummy he had a little sharp tooth poke through his little gums and then I felt sad for him....because I remember those days. Ouch, getting teeth, that is really not fun. So I went and had a little chat with him and said, don't worry, soon you will have all your teeth and even though you like your food now, you are really going to love steak and for that you need your teeth. I think he felt much better after that because he tried to grab my face and chomp on my nose (probably wanted to try his new tooth out!)

So, here is a picture of me just after I had my little chat with Jack and munching on my chocolate muffin. Also some more pictures of me in the park. Isn't my baby beautiful.....she goes with me everywhere as well.

Lots of Love

Friday, November 04, 2005

Life back to normal as I know it!

I have had a fairly normal week! That is no one giving me presents, no one talking about "what a big girl I am now", normal as in having to make a REAL effort to clean up my toys after I have played with them....(dont like cleaning up!!!.....just like Daddy , mummy says!!) Looks like life just goes on like it did before when I was 2!!

On Monday morning Mummy and I went for a big long walk in the pram and went to visit Lally. I checked Lally's letterbox for letters for her and there was one for me again, (it has 3 little lollies in it and I am starting to think Lally puts it there for me!!!) after that we walked back home but stopped at the park on the way and I had a play.

On Tuesday we had playgroup but only 2 of my friends were there, the others were all away and also it was a very big day here in Australia, it was Melbourne Cup Day!!!!! The whole country stops at 12pm to watch a horse race and people put money on the horse they want to win. So, we went to watch it with Nanny and Emily and Jack on TV. I even had a horse. Mummy showed me the paper with all the horses to choose and I chose the one wearing pink...(I know how to pick them) horse came last!!! I liked watching the horse race, they showed it over and over again and even later that night it came on again.....Mummy said it is because it is a very important race.

On Wednesday I went to Julies's house. She looks after me when Mummy goes to work. Will, Casey and Oliver are there as well and we love playing together. We do dress ups and play with the babies and the train set and we also play outside in the sandpit and water trough. Julie even has a slide and swings at her house!!!

On Thursday I went to Nanny's house. Grandpa is away at work at the moment. (he went on a plane to work like Daddy does! Nanny and I play in the garden and I make her cups of tea from my tea set and we play soccer outside. Emily and Jacky-boy (thats what I call Jack!) come and visit us. After lunch I have my sleep and then Mummy comes to pick me up.

On Friday I had swimming lessons and Daddy and Mummy took me. I am doing very well at my lessons. I can swim up and down the pool with my floaties on and do big kicks with my legs.
After that we had to take Daddy to the airport because that's where the planes live and he had to go on one to get to work. He is only going for 2 sleeps......

Today is Saturday and I am not sure what Mummy has planned for me today. Yesterday she said we were going to go for a big walk along the beach and stop at the park, but something tells me she wont really want to walk in the rain and it looks very windy outside. I'm going to hint that maybe we could go to the library and get new books for me to read. I love going to the library because we always sit and read some stories in the big comfy chairs before we go home. OK, going to go and find Mummy and tell her about my good idea.
Love Sophie