Sunday, August 28, 2005


Today I had playgroup. Actually I like to call it "crayboot". I am not sure why. I think it sounds right but I get corrected whenever I say crayboot. Mummy says there is no such thing as a crayboot. You can either have a "cray" which is something that comes from the ocean and is a little bit like a Lobster (I had that when I was in Canada!) or you can have a boot. I have pink boots so I know what they are! Anyway, it doesn't matter how hard I try I still call playgroup "crayboot"!!!! I am usually very good at getting my words right but this one is a bit hard for me. Maybe when I am 3 I will know how to say it pwoply (properly that is!!).

Speaking of when I am 3.......the talk in the playground lately has been a lot about birthdays!!! Ella is having a fairy party or a horse party, she's not sure. In fact Ella confuses me a lot with what she is doing. Maddy is 3 in 2 weeks so she is the first one to turn 3. She is having a party at "crayboot"and her mummy is going to make a birthday cake. WOW, I love birthday cake. Then it is Rhys's birthday. He is the only boy (by the way, I know he is a boy because he has a willy) he is having a "superhero" party. Mummy says I am going to have a party as well and I asked if I could have a dolls house for my birthday. Mummy said we will have to wait and see if I am a good girl. So I think it is safe to assume I will get one as I really am always a very good girl. I also want a lollypop, a toy and a birthday cake. A pink caterpillar shaped birthday cake because I love caterpillars!! Mummy says we shouldn't think about our birthdays so much because they are still a long way away. Anyway, I can't wait till I am 3. It's going to be great!

Love Sophie

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Website Make Over

Hello everybody..............welcome to my new look. I hope you like it. I am going to be able to include lots of photo's on this site now......I am very excited about that!!
Here is one of daddy and me playing.......

I am off to swimming lessons this morning and I can't wait. Bridget is the name of my swimming teacher and she is very nice...she tells mummy I am a good swimmer (she also says I am very cute)......after swimming we are going shopping to buy a birthday present for Oliver as he is having a birthday party tomorrow.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie