Sunday, January 02, 2005

Joyeaux Noel and Bonne Anee!!! I am so sorry I have not kept you informed on my activities and antics over the past 2 weeks. I am beginning to understand why mummy and daddy call Christmas time...."the silly season"!! It is a very busy time and I got really, really tired of going shopping with mummy practically every day for a week before Xmas. Every morning when I got dressed I would say to Mummy..."No go shops today mum, OK" and she would say "we just have to go quickly". If that wasn't bad enough, on one of these shopping trips I got up close with the big fat man in the red suit that I vaguely remembered from last Xmas.....let me tell you, he is just as scary one year down the track. Mummy insisted we sit next to him again for a photo and I just about screamed the place down but don't worry it seems I am not the only one who doesn't like Santa as I saw other kids like me crying....and even louder than me I might add!!!
Anyway, all was forgiven when I woke up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had bought me. In actual fact, I was really more into unwrapping the gifts than caring about what was inside but I did the "Ooohs and Aahs" to please my audience (Mummy, Daddy, Dan and Maryse...and Sasha of course) Sasha even got a gift, she got 3 new tennis balls!!!! My favourite things were my new colour pencils and colouring book, my new little tiny baby and bottle, some puzzles, my pink dog from Memere and Pepere and a little train from Matante Ginette, Mononcle John and Justin. It was so much fun opening presents and everyone else got some presents as well and then the best part..........I was allowed to eat some chocolate and BEFORE breakfast......there was some chocolate Santa's in my stocking and thats when I realised how different Christmas day is to any other day!!!!!!! Then for lunch we went to Nanny and Grandpa's house and they gave me a gardening set with a little wheelbarrow and watering can included so I can now help working in the garden. Aunty Jane and Uncle Carl and Aunty Em gave me some gifts as well. I got a "toy story" stacking box toy and Aunty Jane gave me some little dresses, a bag and some very "groovy" sandals!!!! It was a very hot day so I played in my pool while everyone sat outside and had lunch. Then by 2pm we all came home and I am pretty sure everyone including me had naps. I woke up first of course and then Mummy and I watched my new "Lion King 2" DVD and I played with my new toys. Then there was a big lightning storm and it got very dark so we watched the rain and then daddy woke up and we were all glad it had rained because then it wasn't so hot anymore!!
Ok, so that was how I spent my 3rd Xmas day! I will be back later to fill you in on the rest of the week.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie