Thursday, November 25, 2004

I have to tell you about my swimming lesson today. Let's just say I am 1/4 fish and 1/4 mermaid (that's because Mummy say's I am too pretty to be all fish and mermaids can be very beautiful!!!), anyway, I am becoming a champion swimmer and it is only my 4th lesson!!!!! Look out here I come. I am sure my instructor will tell Mummy next week that I am good enough for the olympics but maybe not the ones in 4 years as I may still be a bit little for those ones. It was so much fun and I just love to jump off the side of the pool.

Mummy is supposed to catch me but it is even funner (is that a word??) if she doesn't catch me and I go way under the water and then she picks me up and throws me in the air and I say..."More, More, More, More" and all the spectators sitting in the grandstands cheer and chant my name loudly and laugh at me as because not only am I a fantastic swimmer I am also so very funny(see, grandstands just like an Olympic pool and yes, slightly eggagerated as no one knows my name, although I am sure they would chant it if they knew it!!!)

Another great thing about swimming lessons is also the treat I am promised afterwards. Daddy started this new thing last week called, "Be a good girl and you might get a treat" and sure enough that's all I have to do, just be good and I mean how easy is that as I am usually so well behaved (snicker!). So Daddy told Mummy about the after swimming "treat" and now Mummy is in on it as well. Although, today as I was happily licking my multi coloured ice cream cone and thinking about how great my life is whilst walking back to our car my ice cream dropped and the cone broke in half. How can life be so good and then turn so bad in an instant. I looked at Mummy with a completely devasted look on my face and do you know what she said.........wait for it........she said "Never Mind"..... I was so confused, here I am devastated and she says "Never Mind, we will pick it up and put it in the bin". Oh my goodness, it get's worse, my treat is going to go in the bin. Sometimes I really think Mummy forgets what it was like to be 2 years old and drop your ice cream on the ground, maybe Mummy never was 2, maybe she was always old like a mummy. Maybe she doesn't know how yummy ice cream is because come to think of it, she never get's one with me. So then, we get home and she offers me lunch instead. Somebody please explain to her that lunch can never replace "treats"!!!! Just wait till I tell Daddy!
Bye Bye,
Love Sophie

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

20 Interesting facts about ME!!!!!:

1. Ask Mummy and Daddy 100 times a day..."What you doing"? and after their response wait a few minutes then ask..."what you doing now"?

2. Choose my own coloured bowl from the cupboard for when I get a snack

3. Brush my own teeth (ok,ok, not very good at it)

4. Put my own sandals on

5. Tell (boss) Sasha what to do (can you believe it....she actually listens to me!)

6. Wear high heeled shoes and actually walk in them (even better than Mummy can!!)

7. Watch "The Lion King" over and over and over and over and over and over and over

8. Have conversations with Memere and Pepere and Justin by talking to their photos... (miss them a lot)

9. Don't like it when my friend Maddy always tried to kiss me and hold my hand (I just wish she would "GROW UP"!! (FYI..... she is 2 as well!!)

10. Prefer to eat seaweed rice crackers over cocolate coated teddy biscuits (teddy biscuits are for babies)

11. Have already spent 60 hours on an aeroplane.

12. Have consumed 14 airline meals

13. Love spaghetti, apples, cheese, eggs, vegemite on toast, grapes, blueberries......actually I eat everything.

14. Even like curry!!

15. Tell Mummy she is "pretty" when she comes to get me out of my cot...even if it is 5am!

16. Have 16 teeth

18. Love to help Mummy wash dishes

19. Say please and thank you when I need soemthing (most of the time)

20. Laugh a lot and conside myself very funny...(for a 2 year old)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Today Daddy has gone away to work again so I am a bit sad. To make matters even worse, Dan and Maryse are going away for a week as well. So it will be Mummy and I all by ourselves for a little while, although today Mummy and I are going to pick up Nanny from the airport because she is coming home from her holiday with Grandpa.....that's going to be great.
So I have been so busy lately and getting so much attention. I always have someone to talk to and play with and haven't had to rely on Sasha so much of late as my source of entertainment..(no offence Sasha, but sometimes I get really bored of just playing with an old tennis ball!!!!)
I have been to the beach a few times last week and had lots of fun playing in the sand and the waves. I know how to get myself ready for the beach, as soon as I know we are going, I get my littel pink sunglasses, my pink flip flops with the flower at the toes (thongs for the Aussie readers), my big hat that says "Cool Babe" on it, my lady bird beach towel and then I request "cream" for my delicate skin!!! Oh yeah, I also make sure Mummy or Daddy bring snacks, water and all my beach toys. Usually after the beach, I come home and play in my little pool and yesterday I went and got all my babies and some other toys and put them all in the pool. Mummy was a bit shocked when she saw all my babies in the water (face down) and she said that my babies shouldn't be in the pool because they don't know how to now all my babies are hanging on the clothesline. Maybe they can all come to swimming lessons with me when I go next time. That reminds me, I have had 3 swimming lessons. The first one was OK, I love the water but I just didn't want to do some things the instructor wanted me to do, so then I cried...(Daddy came home and told Mummy they would definately not be using me in the commercial to advertise the swimming lessons!!!!), the second lesson, Daddy got a bit in trouble for not staying with the group, but that is because I was crying a lot because I was very tired from being awake since 5 am.....then my last lesson, I was the star of the pool, I jump off the edge all by myself, I can go under and swim from from daddy to the instructor and I sing all the little songs with the group. My favourite is " Legs on the swimmers go kick kick kick, kick, kick, kick". This week Mummy is going to take me because Daddy will be at work.
Ok, off to watch "The Lion King" my favourite movie now...Buzz who??, Woody who???(Toy Story is not my favourite anymore.
Today is going to be very hot, Mummy just said 37 degrees......yippee, maybe that means I can eat an icypole!!!!
Love Sophie

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am back from our holiday in Denmark and it was great fun. Although, I was not always happy in the car as it got to be a bit boring. I much preffered the plane because that was at least I could get out of my seat. Mummy and Maryse did such a good job of entertaining me even if their singing was not the greatest. My favourite song is..."The wheels on the bus"!!! I am also getting very good at joining in on the "ABC song"!!
When we got to our little cottage we were staying in, I was so excited because where we were staying had stairs and it reminded me of Memere and Pepere's house. Not only that, there was a horse, cows, sheep and chicken's all on the farm and a farmdog called Jessie. I had a great time exploring and playing with Jessie.
In fact, I was so excited about being on holiday I woke up very early to get the most out of the day. In fact I was up at 5 am with endless energy and a very loud voice. Mummy said I was too loud and was going to wake up the whole house so we went out walking the farm. We had a kangaroo jump up right next to us as we walked and then we watched Jessie the dog chase after the kangaroo into the forest and they went really really fast! Then we went to see the horses and the donkey. We also saw rabbits running across the paddock. Then we visited the big bulls and then the cows and hundreds of was so much fun. When we got back to the cottage it was 8am and I told Daddy all about our adventure. Mummy said that tommorow morning it will have to be Daddy's turn to take on an advernture at 5.30am...(which daddy said would be an experience in itself to be up at 5.30am on holidays!!!!) Of course the next day I slept in much later and didn't wake until 6.30am!
We stayed for 3 nights and mostly played at the cottage. I spent a lot of time asking everyone what they were doing. I took my litle baby for lots of walks on the verandah in her little stroller and baby said she was having a lovely holiday as well.
Speaking of holidays, Nanny is on holiday as well. Mummy and I took her to the plane as she was going to see Grandpa as he is working a long way away in a place called Exmouth. I really miss him and Nanny but I hope thay are having a good time.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Friday, November 05, 2004

Well, lot's has been happening. Daddy came home from working away and he came home on a big plane!!! Then, after Mummy and I picked up Daddy we went to another airport and picked up Mummy and Daddy's friends, Dan and Maryse. They are really nice and I like to play with them a lot. They are from Canada, really close to where Memere and Pepere, Ginette, John, Justine and all my other Canadian relatives are....... it is fun to have so many people in the house again and I just love the attention!!!!
So, this week, it was also Melbourne Cup day, which is a HUGE big horse race in Australia and it is a really big deal...not sure why, it just is!!! Anyway, Mummy and I went to Ella and Jo's house for a Melbourne Cup day party and we had yummy food and then we watched the race on the TV and guess what......the horse Mummy drew came first and we (I mean she!!!) won $28.00....she was very excited as it is the third year in a row she has won the sweep. So, I am not really sure why it all means so much anad why such a big deal, but as you know, I have come to realise that adults...(especially Mummy's and Daddy's get very excited about the weirdest things!!)
Dan, Maryse, Mummy and Daddy and I are going to be going on a holiday to Denmark which is a 4.5 hour drive south of our house. It I going to be great fun. We are leaving on Sunday.
I will tell you more tommorow.
Love Sophie